Sunday, 24 July 2011

''Get Us Out'' Is The Order Of The Day In Dudley

Hard Working Black Country Organiser Rob Weale, took a team of activists to Dudley this weekend, and with help from fellow Birmingham activists, took a message of hope to the people of the town. Mr Weale told the news team: ''We had an astonishing array of people come up to the stall, slap bang in the middle of the town, and were immediately surprised to see the Out of the EU petition was having such a superb effect.''

Dudley, as many will know, has been targeted by Islamic community leaders for expansion, and with over 25,000 signatures signed in opposition to a planned ''Islamic Centre'', in addition to an already established series of Mosques, the dust was allowed to settle on the issue. However, the council has now proved itself a treacherous monstrocity, and the project is apparently going ahead. People were glad to sign the Out of the EU petition, with many well aware that if Britain withdrew, large scale immigration would be stopped. Also, many were surprisingly knowledgeable on the subject, citing the huge costs this monstrous Marxist inspired gravy train, squeezes from the British tax payer.

The warm sunshine certainly got the campaign off to a great start, and some may reflect that the saying ''the sun shines on the righteous'', with over 200 stepping up to sign the petition, was indeed true. One lady told the team that her son, just 17 years old, had 55000 followers on one Social Networking site, and was furious at what was happening to his generation regarding University education, lack of jobs for post graduates, the massive student debt, and the immigration leading to social and economic problems. On the suggestion of John Salvage, she agreed to take a petition leaflet, and get her son to promote the campaign amongst his followers.

The age range of those signing the petition was obvious, with one elderly gentleman, suggesting that he fought in World War two ''for absolutely bugger all.'' Younger mothers, many still only in their thirties, also gave exciting indications that the ''Out of the EU'' campaign was a fabulous idea, in so much that they were angry with the fact that over 75% of legislation was making the country a worse place to live and bring up youngsters. Activism such as this, and making sure people see our activists as they really are, is ensuring that serious issues are seen as British National Party issues, and are not used as opportunities to make Lib/Lab/Con politicians look good at election times.

A good example is that one couple recognised former councillors, Russ Green and John Salvage, in the current Black Country campaign, as being present at the ''Keep Coseley Baths Open'' demonstration almost two years previously. This proves that strong leadership, locally and nationally, is key to determining that the British National Party is at the forefront of every issue worrying our kith and kin. The couple were impressed by what was done then, as now, and were enraged at the way local councillors had rescinded on a promise to keep the baths open, and even lied in the process.

With proof that activism and showing that we care actually does work, the Out of the EU campaign looks like it could at least equal, and possibly surpass, the ''Bring Our Boys Home'' campaign. Well done to Rob Weale and Birmingham Organiser, Paul Hickman, on leading a superb campaign in both the Black Country, and Billesley respectively, for showing leadership and courage in the face of a duplicitous, corrupt, and treacherous political elite. Paul and his team's campaign, was featured on the British National Party and local website, opposing yet another Mosque application. Watch this space for next weekend's Black Country tour of the ''Out of the EU'' campaign.

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