Saturday, 30 July 2011

Black Country Branch Campaign In Wednesbury, By John Salvage

Rob Weale took his activists to Wednesbury for the second in a series of the ''Out Of The EU'' campaign this Saturday. And within half an hour, the team saw over 50 people sign this most important petition. Once again, Birmingham Organiser Paul Hickman, brought a team to help out, and ultimately the cross branch comradeship enthused locals, with over 130 signatures collected. In addition, a visit from Regional Organiser, Alwyn Deacon, made for an interesting and fun day.

As locals made their way around the ancient Anglo-Saxon town, which has kept it's traditional feel, they were happy to chat, comment, and agree that something needs to be done to address the poverty and debt, the EU has loaded onto Britain. The really enjoyable thing all the activists agreed on, was the wide range of people, especially youngsters and youths, who willingly sought to sign the petition. Even one fellow, originally from Africa, asked if he could sign it, stating that: ''he hoped Britain was given the right to vote on weather it's people want further integration or not''.

As the sun grew hotter, drinks were bought, and more and more people made their way to the stall. One young chap, along with his mother and another relative, was extremely erudite in his reasoning of the situation. He stated that he wished to join the Police when he leaves school, and at aged just 14, made a very mature argument as to why the British people should have a say. ''Britain cannot take the amount of people coming here,'' he enthused, and stated: ''I'll sign the petition, because if I was not going into the Police Service, there would be no future for me, and we cannot sustain them with the lack of careers and work.''

Nearby, one man had been collecting for the troops, and purchased a badge which the Birmingham contingent had taken along. He had medals on, and when activist Jason Percival got chatting to him as the stall was being dismantled, told Jason of his pride in his military service, and lauded the party's stance on many of the policies. He told Jason he had been shot whilst on active duty, and was very dismayed at the state of the country in the last few decades. All in all, the campaign looks like hitting a very raw nerve with friend and foe alike. Watch this space for more campaign news next weekend.

John Salvage.

I must say, I popped along today as I expect to visit all Groups to support them when doing this campaign. Today it was the Black country's turn to have the pleasure of my presence, It was great to see so many old faces along with some new younger faces. The sun shone and the public kept coming to sign the petition. This is an excellent campaign and hope to see more groups/branches taking part.

Well done the Black Country


  1. A couple of people have told me you have sacked Martin Findley. Why?

  2. I did not sack Martyn Findley, Here is the link to his blog, he has put his reason for resigning on his blog,
    You should know better than to listen to idle gossip