Saturday, 30 July 2011

Black Country Branch Campaign In Wednesbury, By John Salvage

Rob Weale took his activists to Wednesbury for the second in a series of the ''Out Of The EU'' campaign this Saturday. And within half an hour, the team saw over 50 people sign this most important petition. Once again, Birmingham Organiser Paul Hickman, brought a team to help out, and ultimately the cross branch comradeship enthused locals, with over 130 signatures collected. In addition, a visit from Regional Organiser, Alwyn Deacon, made for an interesting and fun day.

As locals made their way around the ancient Anglo-Saxon town, which has kept it's traditional feel, they were happy to chat, comment, and agree that something needs to be done to address the poverty and debt, the EU has loaded onto Britain. The really enjoyable thing all the activists agreed on, was the wide range of people, especially youngsters and youths, who willingly sought to sign the petition. Even one fellow, originally from Africa, asked if he could sign it, stating that: ''he hoped Britain was given the right to vote on weather it's people want further integration or not''.

As the sun grew hotter, drinks were bought, and more and more people made their way to the stall. One young chap, along with his mother and another relative, was extremely erudite in his reasoning of the situation. He stated that he wished to join the Police when he leaves school, and at aged just 14, made a very mature argument as to why the British people should have a say. ''Britain cannot take the amount of people coming here,'' he enthused, and stated: ''I'll sign the petition, because if I was not going into the Police Service, there would be no future for me, and we cannot sustain them with the lack of careers and work.''

Nearby, one man had been collecting for the troops, and purchased a badge which the Birmingham contingent had taken along. He had medals on, and when activist Jason Percival got chatting to him as the stall was being dismantled, told Jason of his pride in his military service, and lauded the party's stance on many of the policies. He told Jason he had been shot whilst on active duty, and was very dismayed at the state of the country in the last few decades. All in all, the campaign looks like hitting a very raw nerve with friend and foe alike. Watch this space for more campaign news next weekend.

John Salvage.

I must say, I popped along today as I expect to visit all Groups to support them when doing this campaign. Today it was the Black country's turn to have the pleasure of my presence, It was great to see so many old faces along with some new younger faces. The sun shone and the public kept coming to sign the petition. This is an excellent campaign and hope to see more groups/branches taking part.

Well done the Black Country

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Former hotel set to be high-class drug rehab

THE QUIET country retreat of Aylesbury House Hotel in Hockley Heath is to become a drug rehabilitation centre for the rich and famous of the Arab World - The Observer can exclusively reveal.
The Right Start International Foundation (RSIF) snapped up the abandoned and dilapidated hotel in January.
And now the charity organisation wants to turn it into a world-leading drug rehabilitation centre for 18 to 24-year-olds from the Arab elite including princes, princesses and heirs to billionaire fortunes.
Speaking exclusively to the paper this week a spokesperson for the RSIF said the new centre, if given the go-ahead, would be like the world- famous Betty Ford Clinic in America - a clinic relied upon by Hollywood A-listers to overcome their addictions.
He added the charity would be entering into open and ongoing talks with local people and councils to let them know exactly what the centre is and asking for their opinions.
"We understand people's concerns, especially when the word drugs is mentioned, but we are confident of reassuring the people of Hockley Heath," he said.
He also added that the centre could, in fact, be great for the local economy.
"The families of the young people who will be treated here will more than likely stay in the area and plough vast amounts of money into the local economy.
"The people who will be coming here are not just rich, they are seriously rich and well to do."
He used the example of the former King of Saudi Arabia who spent millions and milllions of pounds holidaying in the Spanish resort of Marbella.
On one occasion the King arrived with a fleet of jumbo jets and about 3,000 family members, friends, camp followers and staff.
He booked 300 hotel rooms, hired 500 additional staff, and more than 100 leased Mercedes cars arrived on transporters from Germany.
By the time he left almost seven weeks later he was said to have pumped about about £60m into Marbella's economy.
The RSIF claims it chose Hockley Heath because of its close links to the class-leading universities of the region and because of the 'wealth of medical talent' in the area.
News of the centre has only just broken out in Hockley Heath and villagers turned out in force to a public meeting to discuss it, however nobody from the Parish Council was available for comment as The Observer went to press.
Coun Andy Mackiewicz (Cons/Dorridge and Hockley Heath) said he was concerned, but playing a watching brief until he knew more details about the plans.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Councillor's Report From The Front Line

A year ago this month, north Shropshire British National Party organiser Phil Reddall was unanimously co-opted as a parish councillor for Cheswardine. After twelve months serving his community, councillor Reddall told West Midlands Nationalist,

"Parish council work offers an excellent opportunity to get involved in your local community and I have been pleasantly surprised just how genuinely interesting the work is, and what's more parish councillors do not get paid and almost always live in the parish. It's real, honest community politics and not the place for money motivated 'career politicians'.

"Many training courses are offered, and the proposed new Localism Bill and the current Power of Well-Being means that parish councils have an increasing amount of responsibility.

"Other BNP members must motivate themselves into action and step up to the task of becomming councillors. There are hundreds and hundreds of these positions which come up all the time and if we do not take these chances then we do not deserve to eventually run this country.

12 Month Report

Attendance: 100%
Wages: n/a
Expenses: £0.00
Training courses attended: Fundamentals for councillors; Freedom of Information; Power of Well-Being
Other information: Saved council money by printing local newsletter for free and aiding in its distribution.
Excerpt from council minutes dated 15.02.11 - Cllr Reddall commented that taxpayers were being asked to pay for funding overseas yet the schools’ funding was being cut

Monday, 25 July 2011

Nick Griffin re-elected Party Chairman

Not long back from what was a very long leadership count, The result is Nick Griffin the winner, received 1157 votes, whilst Andrew Brons, the loser, received 1148 votes. Eleven ballots were spoiled.

Nick Griffin has been re-elected to lead the British National Party for the next four years.

Hopefully now we can now all get back to work and get behind the leader and save this nation.

I must thank Phil Kimberley and Mark Badger from the West Midlands for their help at the count.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

''Get Us Out'' Is The Order Of The Day In Dudley

Hard Working Black Country Organiser Rob Weale, took a team of activists to Dudley this weekend, and with help from fellow Birmingham activists, took a message of hope to the people of the town. Mr Weale told the news team: ''We had an astonishing array of people come up to the stall, slap bang in the middle of the town, and were immediately surprised to see the Out of the EU petition was having such a superb effect.''

Dudley, as many will know, has been targeted by Islamic community leaders for expansion, and with over 25,000 signatures signed in opposition to a planned ''Islamic Centre'', in addition to an already established series of Mosques, the dust was allowed to settle on the issue. However, the council has now proved itself a treacherous monstrocity, and the project is apparently going ahead. People were glad to sign the Out of the EU petition, with many well aware that if Britain withdrew, large scale immigration would be stopped. Also, many were surprisingly knowledgeable on the subject, citing the huge costs this monstrous Marxist inspired gravy train, squeezes from the British tax payer.

The warm sunshine certainly got the campaign off to a great start, and some may reflect that the saying ''the sun shines on the righteous'', with over 200 stepping up to sign the petition, was indeed true. One lady told the team that her son, just 17 years old, had 55000 followers on one Social Networking site, and was furious at what was happening to his generation regarding University education, lack of jobs for post graduates, the massive student debt, and the immigration leading to social and economic problems. On the suggestion of John Salvage, she agreed to take a petition leaflet, and get her son to promote the campaign amongst his followers.

The age range of those signing the petition was obvious, with one elderly gentleman, suggesting that he fought in World War two ''for absolutely bugger all.'' Younger mothers, many still only in their thirties, also gave exciting indications that the ''Out of the EU'' campaign was a fabulous idea, in so much that they were angry with the fact that over 75% of legislation was making the country a worse place to live and bring up youngsters. Activism such as this, and making sure people see our activists as they really are, is ensuring that serious issues are seen as British National Party issues, and are not used as opportunities to make Lib/Lab/Con politicians look good at election times.

A good example is that one couple recognised former councillors, Russ Green and John Salvage, in the current Black Country campaign, as being present at the ''Keep Coseley Baths Open'' demonstration almost two years previously. This proves that strong leadership, locally and nationally, is key to determining that the British National Party is at the forefront of every issue worrying our kith and kin. The couple were impressed by what was done then, as now, and were enraged at the way local councillors had rescinded on a promise to keep the baths open, and even lied in the process.

With proof that activism and showing that we care actually does work, the Out of the EU campaign looks like it could at least equal, and possibly surpass, the ''Bring Our Boys Home'' campaign. Well done to Rob Weale and Birmingham Organiser, Paul Hickman, on leading a superb campaign in both the Black Country, and Billesley respectively, for showing leadership and courage in the face of a duplicitous, corrupt, and treacherous political elite. Paul and his team's campaign, was featured on the British National Party and local website, opposing yet another Mosque application. Watch this space for next weekend's Black Country tour of the ''Out of the EU'' campaign.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Shrewsbury Meeting

left to right Phil Spencer, Karl Foulkes, Alwyn Deacon, Simon Darby

Last Night I attended the meeting of Shrewsbury British National Party, These meeting are always well supported and last night was attended by around 40 members.

Karl Foulkes Shrewsbury Organiser opened the meeting with the usual passion and enthusiasm that he has.

Next up for a short speech was me, I spoke about what is happening in the West Midlands both now and future campaigns, We are starting the anti EU Campaign in Dudley on Sat and hope to carry this on though out the region over the next couple of months. I also mentioned the new West Mids newsletter that went to all members last month, and how it as proved to work very well with members getting in touch and wanting to get involved in some sort of activism. I also spoke about the Telford Demo we had on July 2nd and thanked the members from Shrewsbury that took part in this demo, and how Telford is an ongoing target.

I then handed the floor over to my very good friend and former West Midlands Organiser Simon Darby, Simon spoke for about 40 Min's about his role in the E.U. Parliament and the hard work our M.E.Ps do in the E.U.

Simon also spoke about the experience he had with the C.E.H.R and how they tried to have Simon committed to prison.

Karl then closed the meeting and announced that the superb buffet done by Karl's wife Helen was now open and was in the Labour meeting room, Karl then explained that while we used the large room for our meeting, the local Labour party have their meeting on the same premises but in the rather small room next door and only get about 5 members attend.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Update on the illegal Billesley Mosque - Birmingham

After the last ward meeting was postponed by the three Billesley Councillors on 9/06/2011, members from the Birmingham Branch attended the Selly Oak Constituency meeting on 28/06/2011 (Billesley ward is in Selly Oak Constituency).

The Labour MP for Selly Oak Constituency Steve McCabe was absent (he didn't attend the previous Constituency meeting either) so we couldn't ask him about the illegal Mosque. We also couldn't ask the three Billesley Councillors about it as 'issues raised in Birmingham Constituency meetings must pertain to two or more wards'.

However we did learn that 15,000 had been spent on 'social cohesion classes' for the pupils of Billesley and 9,350 had been spent in Branwood ward for a Asian ladies sewing scheme - in contrast Brandwood ward was given 300 for 'X-Mas celebrations'!

We also learned that the next Billesley ward meeting would be held on 12/07/2011 (two weeks time).

Birmingham branch designed a new leaflet with the next ward meeting details and urged residents to attend if they had objections about the illegal mosque. The branch delivered just under 3000 leaflets in two weeks . Hodge Hill candidate David Campion put in a long shift as he could only help for one day, he arrived at 11.00 am and finished at 9.00 pm, he had sandwiches with him and made a trip to meet the organiser to collect more leaflets!

During one session activists of Birmingham British National Party spoke to a middle aged couple who had been beaten by eight Pakistani Muslims. They told us how the ones who attacked them had been selling drugs on their street with cars 'coming and going at all hours'. When the man had shouted at the dealers to stop selling drugs outside his house the result was a beating which left him with scars on his forehead, his wife was also punched in the face and hit over the head...this is how colonisation works.

Billesley Ward Meeting 12th July 2011

The Birmingham branch activists who attended spoke to a few residents outside. Most had never been to a ward meeting before and thanked us for keeping them informed. We had to sign in and got into the hall about three minutes past seven o'clock. The meeting had already started and the Labour Councillor Susan Burfoot was racing through the agenda.

There was approximately fifty residents in attendance. Once the Birmingham Activists had found a seat Cllr Burfoot (Labour) was already on item four of the agenda Notification of Matters of Urgent Local Concern. The activists were pleased to see that 713 Yardley Wood Road (the illegal Mosque) was on the agenda.

Birmingham Organiser Paul Hickman stood up to address the chair (Cllr Burfoot Lab). He stated that the building was denied planning permission in 2008 due to a Covenant. Paul Hickman put on record that legal services had received a petition in 2009 with over a thousand signatures from local residents who were opposed to the Mosque. Paul Hickman stated that there was proof on You Tube that the building was being used as a Mosque and all anyone had to do was put 'Billesley Mosque' in the You Tube search bar. Finally he informed Cllr Burfoot that people are well aware it's being used illegally as a Mosque and has been for the past two years, he asked "when are you going to represent your constituents"?

Cllr Burfoot responded that she was aware of the issues and legal services have sent a letter to the owners of the building with a two week deadline. Constituency manger Dave Rose spoke in detail about the legal implications and stated that the owners had a choice to make. He said they may ignore the Council letter in which case they will receive an injunction. They may respond by saying the building is not being used for religious or education purposes, or they may challenge the Covenant.

Residents were unhappy at being ignored for so long and demanded to know why. The Councillors gave their predictable excuses and looked very uneasy as residents shook their heads and expressed their indignation.

At this point the Constituency Manager answered a question from Black Country Organiser Robert Weale who had been helping the Birmingham branch during the three rounds of leafleting. He asked, if the owners decided to challenge the Covenant - how long would the process take? The answer was two to three months. MR Weale then explained to the Councillors and audience how he has witnessed such processes before. He said how other buildings had been denied permission but then get the descision overturned via an appeal. Robert Weale explained how this had happened all over the West Midlands in places such as Cradley Heath, Walsall and Dudley.

Cllr Susan Burfoot then asked Robert Weale "Do you live in Billesley Sir?" Robert repied he did not, Cllr Burfoot then said "OK thank you" in a rude and sarcastic manner! This did not go down well with residents at all, the audience booed and jeered in disgust. A lady who had spoken earlier against the Mosque said she wasn't asked if she lived in the area when she spoke and that the Councillor was out of order. Cllr Burfoot apologised.

The next ward meeting is on 29/09/2011. The Birmingham branch will be urging residents to attend and may also do (another) petition via table top stall in Billesley. The Birmingham Organiser has taken email addresses from some Billesley residents to keep them informed, he has also recieved text messages and phone calls from residents who pledge their support.

The Birmingham Organiser would like to thank all the activists who helped out and the residents of Billesley for their continued support.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The ''Growing'' Black Country British National Party

Members of ''Team Black Country'' British National Party, have once again set the agenda for the future growth of our collective Socio-Cultural and Economic renaissance. After the successful first ever ''BNP Christmas Lectures'' hosted by the branch the Christmas before last, with a lecture by Chairman and MEP, Mr Nick Griffin, attended by members and supporters countrywide, it was announced at the last branch meeting that, if the British people were to smash the grip of the giant supermarkets, and foreign owned shops, a genuine Socio-Cultural renaissance was sorely needed. At the meeting, which was held on Thursday last, funds were raised for our forthcoming political campaigns, and Organiser Rob Weale, made a passionate plea for action and activism, to reach more people than ever. Mr Weale told the audience:

''To ensure our candidates were equally matched with everything they need, such as table tops and leaflets at their disposal, we will be taking the battle to areas that have hardly seen any BNP activity''. He continued: ''Whatever the outcome of the leadership election, everyone associated with our fight for independence and prosperity, must get behind the party at all levels, and continue to take the fight to the enemy of freedom and democracy.''

Applause soon resounded around the venue, and a break was enjoyed for 15 minutes. Mr Russ Green, former Sandwell Councillor, and whirlwind hard working activist, spoke about engaging with people, and emphasized the need to:

''Remember at all times, the massive postal vote scam, and immigrant bloc votes that have changed the political landscape of Great Britain, and thwarted the party's chances last time around.'' He continued to remind the audience that: ''We are going through a world wide depression, and although many Nationalists see it as an engineered economic and cultural con-trick to bring down western society, and create even more debt, the ordinary members of the public are still unaware of this. They continue to think that the political system is a democratic one.''

After Mr Green had spoken, Mr John Salvage made an announcement that enthused and excited those assembled. Mr Salvage told the audience that:

''For far too long, many of us have spoken about the need to take back our economic and cultural inheritance, so we have started that process. Myself, and other interested members within the branch, have now taken two plots at an allotment, and we will be once again, taking the lead in innovative ideas whereby talking and moaning about the situation, will be replaced by action and a tangible dedication to the cause. Also, we will be creating something that is healthy for both mind and body, and this will be recognised in growing organic food, for and on behalf of our members, their families, and local people, especially youngsters who have had no connection with the land and the wonderful seasonal food this nation is capable of producing.''

After an appreciative audience responded to this initiative, Mr Weale, himself now proving to be a hard working and dedicated Organiser and activist, announced that donations had added a healthy amount to the funds, and thus the meeting was brought to a rapturous end. The branch would also like to announce another initiative for all comers, in a similar event to the ''First Ever BNP Christmas Lectures.'' The branch will in addition to the Allotment project and the EU... Referendum Now campaign, soon be offering tickets to the first ever RENAISSANCE LECTURES. This will in the first instance, be a Harvest Festival in September this year. The branch hopes to be contacting the Reverend West, who spoke at a Black Country meeting last year, and who would be the ideal candidate to host the event, and speak about the ancient traditions, and the patriotic Christian values associated with food production, the gathering of the Harvest, and food gifts made to vulnerable and elderly local residents.

Watch this space for details of tickets for the event, a full report on the Alttoment Project, and the renewed Black Country website.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The State of our flag flying over Telford Police Station

On Saturday at the Telford demo, John Salvage from the Black Country branch,was appalled to see what state the Union Flag was in that was flying over the Police Station.

John was so annoyed at this he composed the following letter to Police HQ to show his disgust.

Telford & Wrekin Police HQ. July 4th, 2010
Malinsgate, Dawley.
The Chief Inspector.


Firstly, the British National (West Midlands region) would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your officers, for allowing us to peacefully, and with dignity and passion, conduct a protest about the growing problem of grooming of young British girls, by older, mainly Muslim males.

On Saturday the 2nd of July, your officers were very professional, and the day went very well, as is normally the case with this type of activism undertaken by the party. Officers, both on foot and in Police vehicles, were respectful, and undertook their duty very well indeed. This contributed to the excellent response by the public, whom for the most part, were warm, welcoming, and in agreement with the aim of the protest.

However, upon reaching the Police Station, some of our activists noticed that the Union Flag, displayed at the front of the building, was, considering the ongoing deaths of our soldiers in Afghanistan, not particularly in the best order. The flag was in fact quite dirty, and looked rather ragged. To this end, could we respectfully remind you of the dignity and meaning of the Union Flag at this point on time, and ask you to ensure its future appearance is clean, bright, and in keeping with a British institution such as the Police Service?

Once again, thank you very much for your professionalism, and hopefully we can be reassured of our request for the Union Flag to also look as professional and dignified as one would expect.

Yours sincerely.

Alwyn Deacon, Regional Organiser.
West Midlands British National Party.
PO BOX 5057, Nuneaton, CV11 9FP

This Letter was sent on Monday 4th July, I am waiting for a response.
I will publish the reply on this blog as soon as (if) I receive one.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Birmingham Branch Meeting 3rd July 2011

The Birmingham branch held their second meeting of the year on Sunday.

Birmingham Organiser Paul Hickman gave an analysis of the May 2011 election results and reflected on the strategy used.

Contrary to the sustained internet claims by doom merchants on various forums the Birmingham British National Party branch is very much astir and is an active branch.

Examples of leaflets used during the election were passed round for comments and suggestions.

The Birmingham Organiser explained where our target wards are and identified the strongest Constituencies where future efforts will be focused.

The Organiser also explained that the Birmingham Branch already has three candidates in place for next years elections and the branch will be aiming to stand 20 candidates in May 2011.

Paul Hickman also gave an update on ward meetings activists had attended in the City and a recent Constituency meeting in Selly Oak.

Members had a break which was followed by a speech from former Black Country Councillor John Salvage.

MR Salvage talked about the recent Telford demo where black Country and Birmingham activists helped the Telford branch.

Also discussed was the need for people to get involved and the importance of recruiting younger people.

MR Salvage gave a summary of what the British National Party has achieved over the past ten years.

He also talked about British culture and our role in ensuring it's survival in the West Midlands.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


On Saturday 2nd July Shropshire British National Party descend on Malinsgate Police Station and then on to the Telford Town Centre to demonstrate against the counties Muslim paedophile epidemic and the establishments total failure to protect our children.

Activists from all over the West Midlands as well as activists from Liverpool who all turned up to show their support.
The team handed out leaflets and Voices Of Freedom to shoppers who were shocked this was going on in there county.

South Shropshire Organiser Phil Spencer said"There was a terrific response from public who were queuing up to have their picture taken with Nick Griffin MEP who proved that he is still a super street activist"

Following our exposé of vile Muslim perverts drugging and raping our young girls in Telford, nine of the suspects have finally gone on trial, accused of a sickening catalogue of child prostitution offences against girls as young as 13.

The admission from a Shropshire based high ranking police officer confirmed what local British National Party groups have long suspected - that certain sections of the local establishment and authorities have deliberately turned a blind eye to this epidemic Shropshire British National Party have evidence this was happening in 1990 and
no one has done a dam thing to stop it.Without a doubt, the efforts of local British National Party activists, along with our friends from Stoke British National Party, played a part in CDI Alan Edwards' decision to finally break his silence. So we're confident that further positive results can be achieved by continued action that will put pressure on an ever weakening, morally corrupt local establishment.