Thursday, 30 June 2011

West Midlands British National Party newsletter & Nuneaton & Bedworth's meeting

Today was a first for the West Midlands British National Party, All West Midlands party members were sent a newsletter by post or email.

This was the first time all West Midlands members have received a newsletter keeping them informed of activities in the region.

The newsletter included upcoming events like meetings and the Telford demo on Saturday, It is hoped this newsletter will help keep members informed. I believe it is very important to keep all members informed and to keep in touch with them. Hopefully all members will contribute to the newsletter and it will prove very popular.

Nuneaton & Bedworth Group had their meeting at the usual venue, A few new faces came and later in the night a lady came in from the bar and thanked us for giving her the chance to vote British National Party and how sick and tired she is of the LibLabCon, We tried a different format to this meeting than normal. I opened the meeting and gave a quick run down of the recent General Members Meeting and then we all sat around chatting and had a nice social evening which was very relaxed.

The Highlight of the Night was when Mark Badger turned up on his Harley soaking wet, and yes we did all laugh at him. To our surprise he stripped down to his well worn boxers and left his trousers to dry on the back of the chair. Below is the picture to prove it.

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