Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stoke BNP - Back On The Streets!

It was good to get back onto the streets of Stoke-on-Trent today, taking the message of hope to the long suffering people of this city.
Although we did not win any council seats on May 5th we did secure our place on the political stage and won thousands of votes. Regardless of this aberrant result, we at Stoke BNP will carry on fighting for the interests of our people.

The one thing that we have learnt during our experience over the recent local elections in Stoke is that we need to focus our challenge upon the people themselves! It is very clear to us that a long term programme of education and challenge is needed to break the 'mind control' that the media have over our people.Therefore I can now reveal to you that over the next four years (the next local elections are in four years) Stoke BNP will be challenging many of the values, attitudes and presumptions (fed to them by the red educational establishment and the red television companies) that the people of Stoke are suffering from.

We will be using our own mass media to bring into question (enter the maggot of doubt into the minds of the people) issues and concepts that have remained unchallenged for 100 years, they include: (1) the theory and practice of equality (2) who really owns and controls Britain (3) are we really living in a civilized and just society (4) what condition will Britain (your children and grandchildren) be in in 100 years (5) who is responsible for the programme of destruction being imposed upon our nation.

Of course we realise that the challenge to turn the super tanker of Britain away from the rocks of destruction will be a long and hard battle - but on behalf of myself and my comrades at Stoke BNP I can assure you that our determination knows no bounds, we will never rest until we have restored our nation to greatness and driven the enemies of our people into the sea!

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