Monday, 6 June 2011

Nuneaton & Bedworth Council use my and BNP Ideas,

Back in Early February I sent in a letter to the Nuneaton News about ways the cash strapped council could boost income with very little effort, It was no surprise to me that they did not print it or even acknowledge it.

This was part of the letter I sent in to the local paper.

On walking around the town I noticed at least 12 cables that were used to hang the Christmas (sorry I shouldn't say that word in case it offends someone) decorations, These go from one side of the road to the other side and are left hanging empty after Christmas.Why not use these to hang Advertising Banners, I'm sure Business would be willing to pay a premium to advertise in such a prime location.

Also other Cities/Towns get Business to sponsor roundabouts, Car parks, Flower Beds etc. why don't we, We need to be more active in promoting Nuneaton & Bedworth in order to bring more revenue in.

So what a surprise to read in today's local newspaper the following.

A CASH-making scheme will see council assets used by businesses to advertise their firms.

Facing having to find almost £2m this financial year, and more next year, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council is exploring different ways to bring in income.

The latest is by creating opportunities to bring in cash from council assets, with as much as almost a quarter of a million pound to be reaped in over a five year period.

It was hoped that road traffic islands could also be used but the idea could not come to fruition as Warwickshire County Council has overall control of the islands in the borough.

Instead, advertising will be offered on off-street car parking boards, in the council's `In Touch' magazine and also on its website.

Has you can see there is no mention of where this Idea came from, I am getting used to this now, a few months ago I attended a full council meeting and asked a question about council staff expenses and why mileage allowance is so high.

After the meeting the Editor of the local paper spoke to a Councillor (who will remain nameless) and said how annoyed she was that I had asked that question because she had a front page news story about expenses, and because I a British National Party member had asked the question there was no way she could run the story now because she would have had to mention me and the party.

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