Sunday, 12 June 2011

Latest news from Birmingham's illegal Mosque

Unofficial Mosque – Billesley Birmingham

In 2009 the Birmingham British National Party branch learned that a doctor’s surgery had been purchased by Muslims in the predominantly white British ward of Billesley. The local residents shared our concerns that the building had been purchased in order to be converted into a Mosque.

The Birmingham branch organised a petition against the mosque and held a protest. The local residents were encouraged (via leaflets from the branch) to attend the ward meeting and make clear to the Councillors of Billesley the residents didn’t want a Mosque in their area (Birmingham already has over 100).

During the 2009 ward meeting the Councillors informed residents that the building did not have planning permission to be used as a Mosque. They promised that if the building should be illegally used for this purpose then appropriate action would be taken. The words were empty and the building has been used covertly as a Mosque since 2009.

In May 2011 the Birmingham branch received a letter from a Billesley resident complaining that the building was still being used as a Mosque. The resident explained they had contacted the Labour and Conservative Councillors, and they had repeatedly been ‘fobbed off’. The resident asked if the British National Party could do anything.

Firstly a member who lives in Billesley emailed the Councillors and asked why the building was being used as a Mosque, when it is common knowledge the owners have been denied the relevant planning permission. The member received a brief reply from one Councillor who said ‘he was aware of the issue and it would be discussed at the next Billesley ward meeting’.

The building has building materials in the compound and extra work is being done at the side of the property. A minaret would be likely to spring up should the owners of the old surgery ever get planning permission. This of course would change the character of the whole area and residents understand this.

When the ward meeting date arrived there were a high number of residents who turned up. When the residents arrived however, the meeting was postponed, with an excuse of Health and Safety given to the dissipated electorate!

The Birmingham branch shall continue working with the residents of Billesley, and is grateful for their support.

Paul Hickman

Birmingham Organiser

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  1. Does Doctors surgeries receive local or national help with funding regarding ownership of the property ?

    2. How are GP surgeries funded?
    Further payments are made to cover the costs of premises and the seniority of GPs
    within the practice. IT costs are now met by the Primary Care Trust as a result of the
    contractual changes in 2004.