Thursday, 30 June 2011

West Midlands British National Party newsletter & Nuneaton & Bedworth's meeting

Today was a first for the West Midlands British National Party, All West Midlands party members were sent a newsletter by post or email.

This was the first time all West Midlands members have received a newsletter keeping them informed of activities in the region.

The newsletter included upcoming events like meetings and the Telford demo on Saturday, It is hoped this newsletter will help keep members informed. I believe it is very important to keep all members informed and to keep in touch with them. Hopefully all members will contribute to the newsletter and it will prove very popular.

Nuneaton & Bedworth Group had their meeting at the usual venue, A few new faces came and later in the night a lady came in from the bar and thanked us for giving her the chance to vote British National Party and how sick and tired she is of the LibLabCon, We tried a different format to this meeting than normal. I opened the meeting and gave a quick run down of the recent General Members Meeting and then we all sat around chatting and had a nice social evening which was very relaxed.

The Highlight of the Night was when Mark Badger turned up on his Harley soaking wet, and yes we did all laugh at him. To our surprise he stripped down to his well worn boxers and left his trousers to dry on the back of the chair. Below is the picture to prove it.

Monday, 27 June 2011

General Members Meeting,

After a long and hard weekend, Starting with a AC Meeting on Saturday Evening and then the GMM on the Sunday. I finally got home about 9pm.
More details on the meeting will follow later, but I thought you would like to watch the video of our Charmain's thought on the meeting.

What I will say is now everything is sorted, LETS ALL START TO GET BACK AND DO SOME WORK.

Friday, 24 June 2011

258 Signal Squadron Home Coming & Freedom Parade Nuneaton

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Home coming and Freedom Parade for 258 Signal Squadron.

For the past 6 months, the regiment have fought in the heat of Afghanistan and the parade not only marks their return home, but they have also been awarded the prestigious 'Freedom of the Borough' accolade.

This is a reaffirmation of the Freedom which was previously awarded to the Squadron when it existed under a different name.

The Signal Regiment is based a couple of miles up the road from Nuneaton at Bramcote Barracks.

The Town centre was packed with members of the public, It was extra nice to see so many youngsters attended from lots of different local schools and they proudly waved their Flags.

The parade was cheered as the Squadron proudly march past.

Here are some links to some videos of today.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Latest news from Birmingham's illegal Mosque

Unofficial Mosque – Billesley Birmingham

In 2009 the Birmingham British National Party branch learned that a doctor’s surgery had been purchased by Muslims in the predominantly white British ward of Billesley. The local residents shared our concerns that the building had been purchased in order to be converted into a Mosque.

The Birmingham branch organised a petition against the mosque and held a protest. The local residents were encouraged (via leaflets from the branch) to attend the ward meeting and make clear to the Councillors of Billesley the residents didn’t want a Mosque in their area (Birmingham already has over 100).

During the 2009 ward meeting the Councillors informed residents that the building did not have planning permission to be used as a Mosque. They promised that if the building should be illegally used for this purpose then appropriate action would be taken. The words were empty and the building has been used covertly as a Mosque since 2009.

In May 2011 the Birmingham branch received a letter from a Billesley resident complaining that the building was still being used as a Mosque. The resident explained they had contacted the Labour and Conservative Councillors, and they had repeatedly been ‘fobbed off’. The resident asked if the British National Party could do anything.

Firstly a member who lives in Billesley emailed the Councillors and asked why the building was being used as a Mosque, when it is common knowledge the owners have been denied the relevant planning permission. The member received a brief reply from one Councillor who said ‘he was aware of the issue and it would be discussed at the next Billesley ward meeting’.

The building has building materials in the compound and extra work is being done at the side of the property. A minaret would be likely to spring up should the owners of the old surgery ever get planning permission. This of course would change the character of the whole area and residents understand this.

When the ward meeting date arrived there were a high number of residents who turned up. When the residents arrived however, the meeting was postponed, with an excuse of Health and Safety given to the dissipated electorate!

The Birmingham branch shall continue working with the residents of Billesley, and is grateful for their support.

Paul Hickman

Birmingham Organiser

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stoke BNP - Back On The Streets!

It was good to get back onto the streets of Stoke-on-Trent today, taking the message of hope to the long suffering people of this city.
Although we did not win any council seats on May 5th we did secure our place on the political stage and won thousands of votes. Regardless of this aberrant result, we at Stoke BNP will carry on fighting for the interests of our people.

The one thing that we have learnt during our experience over the recent local elections in Stoke is that we need to focus our challenge upon the people themselves! It is very clear to us that a long term programme of education and challenge is needed to break the 'mind control' that the media have over our people.Therefore I can now reveal to you that over the next four years (the next local elections are in four years) Stoke BNP will be challenging many of the values, attitudes and presumptions (fed to them by the red educational establishment and the red television companies) that the people of Stoke are suffering from.

We will be using our own mass media to bring into question (enter the maggot of doubt into the minds of the people) issues and concepts that have remained unchallenged for 100 years, they include: (1) the theory and practice of equality (2) who really owns and controls Britain (3) are we really living in a civilized and just society (4) what condition will Britain (your children and grandchildren) be in in 100 years (5) who is responsible for the programme of destruction being imposed upon our nation.

Of course we realise that the challenge to turn the super tanker of Britain away from the rocks of destruction will be a long and hard battle - but on behalf of myself and my comrades at Stoke BNP I can assure you that our determination knows no bounds, we will never rest until we have restored our nation to greatness and driven the enemies of our people into the sea!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Nuneaton & Bedworth Council use my and BNP Ideas,

Back in Early February I sent in a letter to the Nuneaton News about ways the cash strapped council could boost income with very little effort, It was no surprise to me that they did not print it or even acknowledge it.

This was part of the letter I sent in to the local paper.

On walking around the town I noticed at least 12 cables that were used to hang the Christmas (sorry I shouldn't say that word in case it offends someone) decorations, These go from one side of the road to the other side and are left hanging empty after Christmas.Why not use these to hang Advertising Banners, I'm sure Business would be willing to pay a premium to advertise in such a prime location.

Also other Cities/Towns get Business to sponsor roundabouts, Car parks, Flower Beds etc. why don't we, We need to be more active in promoting Nuneaton & Bedworth in order to bring more revenue in.

So what a surprise to read in today's local newspaper the following.

A CASH-making scheme will see council assets used by businesses to advertise their firms.

Facing having to find almost £2m this financial year, and more next year, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council is exploring different ways to bring in income.

The latest is by creating opportunities to bring in cash from council assets, with as much as almost a quarter of a million pound to be reaped in over a five year period.

It was hoped that road traffic islands could also be used but the idea could not come to fruition as Warwickshire County Council has overall control of the islands in the borough.

Instead, advertising will be offered on off-street car parking boards, in the council's `In Touch' magazine and also on its website.

Has you can see there is no mention of where this Idea came from, I am getting used to this now, a few months ago I attended a full council meeting and asked a question about council staff expenses and why mileage allowance is so high.

After the meeting the Editor of the local paper spoke to a Councillor (who will remain nameless) and said how annoyed she was that I had asked that question because she had a front page news story about expenses, and because I a British National Party member had asked the question there was no way she could run the story now because she would have had to mention me and the party.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

British Jobs for Indian Workers – Birmingham Council’s Plan to Cut Costs

Birmingham City Council has become the first in Britain to outsource posts to India, as part of its huge cost-cutting exercise to shed £213 million from its budget over the next four years.

Around 100 jobs will be transferred to the city of Pune in India as part of the plan by the end of the year, and it is believed thousands more will follow.

Indian employees have already been recruited to ‘shadow’ workers in Birmingham, who will effectively train them up as their replacements.

The outsourcing is being conducted by Service Birmingham, a joint venture between Birmingham City Council and Capita, which is transferring back office roles such as IT, human resources, payroll and finance posts.

Service Birmingham is understood to have already brought over managers from an Indian firm to see which council jobs they could take over.

But while lower-paid staff face redundancies, Birmingham Council’s bosses continue to rake in millions.

The Council’s 47 senior officers earn a combined £4.6 million a year.

Chief Executive Stephen Hughes is the Council’s top earner, on £180,000–£184,999 a year, followed by another eleven senior members who earn over £100,000 a year.

They include Peter Hay, Strategic Director (£140,000–£144,999); Elaine Elkington, Strategic Director (£140,000–£144,999); Mirza Ahmad, Director, Corporate Governance (£105,000–£109,999); and Andrew Albon, Director, Equalities and Human Resources (£105,000–£109,999).

Pro-immigration unions Unite and UNISON have reacted with shock that yet more British jobs are to be given to foreign workers.

Peter Allenson, national officer of Unite, said: 'It beggars belief that council workers will be forced to train workers from overseas to do their jobs so Capita and Birmingham Council can lift and shift them abroad.

‘We fear this could be just the tip of the iceberg and other councils could follow suit.

‘Thousands of public sector jobs could go. Once these jobs go they will not come back.’

India is the leading country for outsourcing, with the industry currently worth an estimated £28.7 billion.

Most major UK banks now outsource abroad, many of them to Pune. In 2002, HSBC began by relocating 30 jobs there, which rapidly grew to 2,500.

Other foreign companies to set up facilities in Pune include IBM, Panasonic, Sharp and Symantec.

Birmingham Council already announced in March that it is to axe £213 million from its public services budget. By 2015, it plans to shed 7,116 jobs, a 37 per cent cut to the workforce.