Sunday, 8 May 2011

West Midlands Elections

Yesterday seemed very strange to be sitting in home watching T.V and doing those awful jobs around the house that the wife has been wanting doing for weeks but I was always out on the campaign trail and never got time to do them. I got that feeling that I should be out leafleting instead of sitting here in the chair.

While the Election Results went against us in some areas, we should be proud of all the hard work that went into these Elections. The dedication that Activists has shown during these election was second to none.

I must congratulate and sympathise with Stoke BNP, It seemed like they had the both the Media & Unions as well as all the other parties forcing them up against a brick wall, but in true BNP stlye they never gave up or lost the faith, Well done Stoke. Stoke has lost some of the best councillors they will ever have and they done this party very proud. On a good note I spoke to Mike Coleman on Friday morning and he was very upbeat and ready to fight on and win those seats back in 4 years time. Stoke BNP are going nowhere and are regrouping to carry on the fight.

Well done Stoke.

We had elections in Birmingham, Black County, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Telford, Solihull, Cannock, Coventry, Burton on Trent and Walsall, As well as a By Election in Nuneaton.

There are so many Activists out there that have worked very hard over the last couple of months and I thank each and everyone of them, and when I see them I will shake their hand and thank them personally. But of course we still have those people amongst us that have not put 1 single leaflet though a door all campaign yet they are the ones that moan the most, I leaflet, knock doors etc, no one is to big to campaign, If you are one of these people that sat on your hands and didn't lift a finger you should be ashamed.

On a lighter note I had the pleasure of attending Post Election Drinks at Coventry last night, Like other groups Coventry have been working very hard this year, in fact I would say Tom and Badger have never put so many leaflets out in a campaign before. This was a chance for me to relax and have a few drinks and enjoy the great company. Like Stoke, Coventry are very upbeat and looking forward to getting back to work, Infact we enjoyed ourselves that much we were the last ones to leave the club about 1.30 am I think. Thank you Coventry for allowing me to relax and enjoy the wonderful company. I must spend special thanks to George Jones who used to get on his push bike most days and pedal from Kenilworth to Coventry to help them leaflet. He even pedaled home last night. For those that don't know George he is one of the best activist there is (and he is a oap).

I did take photos of last night but they didn't turn out, must of been the drink.

So lets all have a good rest we all deserve it, and then its back to work and do it all over again.

Well done to all the Candidates and Organisers/fundholder and all those activists.

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