Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The International Community. by John Salvage Black Country BNP

Is there really such a thing as the ''International Community,'' or is it a collection of nation hating, treacherous, and greedy elites? Does it actually exist, or is it all a work in progress for a bigger, more threatening evil to be imposed upon the once free peoples of earth? Two questions that many ordinary people are now asking, and two questions most Nationalists already know the answers to. All the facts seem to point towards some form of global government, whereby countries not ''conforming'' to the aforementioned elites agenda, such as Libya for example, seem to be targeted for enforcement of ''democracy''. Now there's an odd word, because the origins of democracy are not linked to anything recognisable today. The revolutionary principles of most leaders today, are nothing like democratic. They steal wealth, change attitudes, and completely rubbish the word by their actions.

If democracy was truly a political reality, then we would in this country, have had Proportional Representation (PR). Now we have a toothless half way house, whereby people are so confused we'll actually end up with the same crooks and greedy elites as we've had since the end of the Second World War. Some people even think that a form of street action here, or outright revolution, would get us to where we need to be. This won't happen, and we'd soon see the ''International Community,'' led by the hidden hand of New York and London financiers, shredding human bodies under a barrage of modern weaponry. Too much damage has already been done to our peoples minds. The mind benders have been hard at work, through TV, media, news and film production, and we now have no real arguments left that resemble ''old school'' political thought or division of political manifestos. The agenda is the same, but people are seemingly unable to view things as they are. Most people will see Cameron, Obama, Clegg, or Sarkozy, as different to their supposed opposition on the other side. That is simply wrong, but a sad fact of life today.

If there was such a thing as a truly democratic International Community, we would see leaders proposing an end to outrageous war mongering. We would see a referendum based option, rather than the current system. Using referendums, people would then be able to vote en-mass, on the things that really make them angry, and actually change things each year. As it stands, whether it's Cameron, Clegg, Sarkozy, or Obama, the time they have in power, is used to solidity a form of world governmental preference, and not any preference based upon the wishes of each leader's nation. The Nationalist community can use all it's relatively new found power, especially in France and the Nordic countries, to house hopes for a similar shift in thought here. The British National Party will soon find out, if the people are yet ready to show their ancient strength and innate Anglo-Celtic will to take back what is rightfully theirs.

No amount of rhetoric, dogma, or pleading will persuade the ''International Community'' to shed its cloak, and come out in favour of a Nationalist agenda. No, it will though, show its unity if ever, such as Austria did once, the governments of the western hemisphere turn to its people, rather than shadowy elites. Austria took a beating when Gorg Haider managed to secure enough power to change things. That is a lesson all Nationalist thinkers, voters, and long time activists need to be aware of. No matter what political party starts to take a lead first, here or abroad, the financial robber barons, and their Genetically Modified political front liners, will start the old favourite: Sanctions. These are are favoured first line of defence for the globalist elite, and the ''International Community.'' First they come for the government, then the people, then the whole country, and ultimately, the world.

Hopefully the British National Party can under it's present leadership, stave off the many detractors inside and out, and begin the climb back to where it was until fairly recently. However, without solidarity of spirit, and without activists, the Nationalist cause in the UK, will splinter, and as Mr le-Pen once put it, whilst I was actually proudly in his company a few years ago at a function, ''The British were the ones whom we copied, and we took our lead from you.'' Forget petty arguments, as many of us in the British National Party know for certain that, without Mr Griffin, we would not have been so fortunate as to put Nationhood at the forefront of the general public's eyes. Now they know of us, our policies, and what we have all said and predicted has come true. Its not that long ago don't forget, whereby the Front National was split, and various movements in France were shattered by such pettiness.

Also, anyone who studied the Nordic nations, also remember a time when the Fins were not even on the map in political terms. Now, millions are aware of their ''True Finns'' political party, and the power they could bring to their people. The International Community will have won, if we in Britain, are unable to stave off any attacks on us, and the foremost political party, the only Nationalist party with any hope of smashing a whole in the dam. Openly damaging arguments can be kept to a minimum, as the internet, as popular as it can be, is also mostly passed by, because many are simply uninterested in aspects of it. All political groups and parties, were happy to see victories here in the UK for the BNP, so in reality, nothing needs to damage any further gains or momentum. All that matters is that the essentials are kept in tact, and that sometime, somehow, this nation becomes independent once again, with or without sanctions or threats of military action by the ''International Community.'' One only needs to take even a passing glance at the main British National Party website, to see that the stories are hard hitting, especially about immigration, the EU, and immigrant politicians, all making hay whilst the sun shines. If there was any chance of any other political party from the nationalist cause making gains, that party would also have the same battles to fight, and the leader of such a party, would have to be the equal of Mr Griffin in terms of hard headed determination under extreme pressure.

I doubt we have such leaders elsewhere, and it is doubtful whether opposing Nationalist political parties, can ever be free from already entrenched ''sleepers,'' malcontents, and people free from supposed ''baggage'' etc. Let us take what we have, love it, live it, and be prepared for whatever challenges we face. We have no where else to go, either politically, or worldly. Too long a wait to rebuild from scratch is not an option. Politically, we already have the vehicle to damage our opponents, and the proof is all around. Stories galore of BNP racism, thuggery, sex, money, and all other topics of the chattering classes, are simply that... stories. The International Community can go to hell. We are the BRITISH, and we are NATIONALISTS. Millions now want change in Britain, so let's give to them, and let's make our brothers and sisters in Finland, Sweden, The US, France, Germany, and around the western world, proud to know us, and call us equals in the battle for Britain and the western world's renaissance.

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