Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Burton-on-Trent leading the way

Clive Jones the Burton On Trent Organiser is very much gearing up for next weeks election, Clive became Organiser back in February this year and in the short time he has been promoting the party at every opportunity.

The Local Team held a paper stall in Burton on Saturday and the Burton Mail went along to interview Clive, Here is the report has it appeared in the local paper

Clive Jones, who came within 93 votes of winning in Stapenhill at the last election four years ago, was in confident mood after joining fellow activists to push the far right party’s message to shoppers in Burton town centre.

However, Mr Jones, who is standing in the same ward in the May 5 election for East Staffordshire Borough Council, predicted a new financial crisis would hit Britain, heralding an upturn in his party’s fortunes.

He told the Mail: “I don’t think people understand how bad the situation is. It will only be three years before the country is bankrupt. The situation is going to change very quickly in the next year or two and there’s going to be a lot of civil unrest.

“At the moment things have gone a bit quiet for the BNP but it’s not going to stay like that and we will see a resurgence of interest.”

Mr Jones claimed even members of ethnic minorities had pledged their support, despite the fact the party didn’t allow non-white members until 2009 and only changed its constitution in the face of legal action from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

He said: “When I was in the town centre a Pakistani man came up to me and I was a bit wary because of the reputation the media put out about us but he gave us a £5 donation and said he would vote for us. These are people who, although they may not have been in this country all their lives, have been here a long time and paid into the system, then they see people coming over and jumping the queue for the housing list.”

Mr Jones admitted he would ‘not be popular’ in the corridors of power at Burton Town Hall if elected but was scathing about the current roll call of councillors.

He said: “These are the people who represent a Government which is giving away our country and allowing the colonisation of Britain.

“I’m a pessimist if anything but in this case I’m quite optimistic about my chances. It’s going to be very close but I’ll be very surprised if I’m not elected.”

The BNP is fielding two further candidates in Burton — Danny Kay in Horninglow and Stevie Dyche in Winshill

Monday, 4 April 2011

Nomination Day

There will be 57 candidates in the West Midlands on May 5th.

This is excellent work well done to all those that are standing.

I will be doing a full breakdown of all candidates and the areas where they will be standing over the next couple of days.