Saturday, 26 March 2011

Success or Failure? It's Up To You!

While many patriots wring their hands in despair at the state of our country, the organisers and activists of Shropshire British National Party continue to move forwards and break new ground.

While some would rather waste hours posting on blogs and forums, complaining non-stop about their fellow kinsmen, Shropshire BNP continues the grass roots struggle for our people.

Over the last 12 months Shropshire BNP have contested every local seat in a general election, gained the first ever BNP councillor in the county, helped pressure the national media into running the recent Muslim paedophile scandal story and scared the local Establishment to death with the promise of creating peaceful community led patrols to ensure the safety of residents in Telford's Brookside estate.

Shropshire BNP will never attack fellow nationalists - we are much too busy leafleting and serving our local community.

Our combined Groups (Telford, Shrewsbury, North Shropshire and South Shropshire) aim to set a shining example to all nationalists. We are here to stay, we are here for our people, we are never giving in and most important of all we have a clear vision of success.

Having a clear vision of success is essential. All nationalists must rid their mind of negativity and focus 100% on local activism, which means leafleting relentlessly and not wasting precious hours blogging and posting on forums.

Our children and future generations are relying on you to work hard in the real world.

Shropshire BNP issues an ultimatum for all patriots and nationalists - get out on the streets and get to work!

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