Thursday, 17 March 2011

Shropshire British National Party Campaign to Clean Up the County’s “Most Crime-Ridden Street”

The steadfast activists of Shropshire British National Party hit the streets of Telford in force over the weekend, delivering a hard-hitting leaflet to the residents of Brookside in south Telford, reports North Shropshire Organiser Phil Reddall.

“Zero tolerance of drug dealing and street thuggery” was the message, and a number of good people on the Brookside estate welcomed the British National Party’s presence, telling activists that they were sick of seeing their area spiral out of control with drug dealers and yobs ruining what was once a decent place to live.

Telford British National Party Organiser Phil Spencer said his message for the local authorities was, "Clean up this area, or we will set up a community-led task force to ensure local vulnerable residents are taken care of."

Local people had contacted Telford British National Party to complain that Brookside’s Bishopdale street is no longer a pleasant place to live. They said that because of rising unemployment and cheap alcohol, the area has suffered a serious breakdown in moral order and is no longer a ‘family friendly’ area.

Bishopdale was recently revealed as the most crime-ridden street in Shropshire in a newly launched police crime map website. Twenty-seven crimes in the street were reported in the month of December 2010.


  1. how many candidates will we be putting up this year in Brum/West Midlands.
    dave. blue nose.

  2. i take it that the numbers of candidates standing is not worth reporting! dave. blue nose.