Friday, 4 March 2011

Police Stop Cannock BNP meeting

Earlier in the week the Landlord of a public house in Cannock which was due to have a BNP meeting last night, had a visit from 2 plain clothes officers from the Community Resilience Team,They advised the landlord not to have the meeting and reminded the landlord that his licence is up for renewal soon so be careful.

Obviously this spooked the landlord and cancelled the meeting, we can't blame the landlord after all this is his livelihood as well as his home. The landlord informed Cannock BNP organiser this morning that 2 local bobbies came in the pub last night to make sure the meeting was not taking place.

I spoke to the Sgt at the Community Resilience Team today and asked him on what grounds have the police got the right to stop a meeting taking place of a legal political party, as well as threatening a landlord. The Sgt denied threatening the landlord and try to assure me that they had no idea it was a British National Party meeting and they have no interest in any political meetings. I pushed him a bit further and he then admitted that they were acting on information they had received about another organisation planning a meeting in that public house on the same night that they wanted stopping, He would not disclose what organisation it was. I told him if that was the case why did his officers mention BNP when visiting the landlord.

The Sgt assures me that he will be having the officers in for a chat and will be in contact with me again.

I look forward to that.


  1. That is the last you will hear from him Alwyn.

    How big is this pub for goodness sake, two meetings in one night?

    Was the landlord not aware of the second meeting?

    I think the Sergeant was shitting himself that you had questioned the plod, and had to think quickly to get himself out of the brown stuff.

  2. The police acting illegally.