Saturday, 26 February 2011

ARTHUR KEMP speaks at Coventry British National Party meeting

Today I had the pleasure of attending the meeting of Coventry branch of the British National Party,

Coventry's meetings are always well attended and they also attract some of the party's best speakers. so today was no difference with the excellent Mr Arthur Kemp speaking.

Coventry Organiser Tom Gower opened the meeting and outlined the plans for the coming local elections. Tom also gave a update on the local Chapelfields campaign to stop the application for a mosque.

Then came the special event, Arthur Kemp. I hear Arthur speak quite a lot but I never get tired of listening to his speeches, I will be uploading a video of his speech later on.

After his speech, Arthur did a question and answer session and as usual the arms went up. The Questions were varied but Arthur answered them all to everyone's satisfaction.

Another excellent meeting by Coventry British National Party.

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