Friday, 7 January 2011

The BNP Forces The State To Act On Asian Paedophile Gangs!

The BNP Forces The State To Act On Asian Paedophile Gangs!

You may recall an earlier post on this blog where I explained how Stoke BNP Branch and Telford BNP were working together to expose and highlight the rape of dozens of English girls in the Shropshire area. I'm pleased to report to you that our campaign is begining to impact, not just upon the long suffering English communities who welcome our campaign but also upon those responsible for delivering law and order to our people. Chief Inspector Alan Edwards of the West Mercia Police, the constabulary that covers Telford and Shropshire, has called for this issue (systematic sexual abuse of English girls by Asians) to be brought out into the open. He says that the entire apparatus of the state has been afraid to address this issue for fear of being labeled as 'racist'!
Chief Inspector Alan Edwards is to be congratulated for his boldness in calling for these filthy child rapists to be tackled in a far more robust manner, I just wish he had stepped forward sooner, it would no doubt have saved a lot of misery for a lot of innocent young girls.
The inspector says that up until recently everyone has been afraid to talk about this issue, well, I cant help thinking that Telford and Stoke BNP's hard hitting campaign has had something to do with forcing the hand of a very reluctant state. It's also worth pointing out that we in the BNP are not afraid to address any issue that affects our people, we in the BNP will never stand idly by whilst innocents suffer - if that means that we have to offend a few do-gooders then we are only too happy to do so!
Of course our campaign will continue until all of those affected communities in Telford have been made aware of what is happening to young girls in their vicinity!

1. Why is there no call for a major enquiry as there would most certainly be if the victims were not white?

2. Why are the social workers and police implicated in the cover up not charged with aiding and abetting?

3. When the whole of northern England, where the abuse is concentrated, has two elected BNP MEPs why do the police continue with their witch hunt against officers with suspected BNP affiliations?

4. Why do police forces, while enforcing a ban on BNP members, spend £millions in order to attract recruits from the Muslim community?

5. Why is no Islamic spokesman hauled before the television cameras in order to apologise to us?

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