Thursday, 30 December 2010

A lovely day spent Leafleting in Oldham & Saddleworth

Today I went to help out Derek Adams in the Oldham & Saddleworth parliamentary by election,

Derek is one of the party's hardest working activist and like me he is a ex publican, so it is always a pleasure to see Derek and help him in this by election.

Cllr Andy Terry.

I also had company today with Cllr Andy Terry Solihull Organiser and Paul Hickman the new Birmingham Organiser, And has a special treat for my wife Yvonne with me being a old romantic I took her along,

Yvonne walking back after a long walk down the lane.

We arrived in Lees Oldham this morning and Derek handed us leaflets and a map and off to work we went, We arrived at our area to spectacular views overlooking Oldham, the problem with that meant we were at the top of a very large hill and this was our area for leafleting. I have never seen so many houses with very steep steps to get to a letterbox.

We spent a good day leafleting and with all them hills and steps my legs are certainly aching.

I must thank Andy and Paul for coming and lending a hand, and of course my wife as well.

I would urge everyone to make the trip to Oldham and help out in the campaign.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Claim: 60 Victims of Muslim Paedophile Gangs in Shropshire

There are at least 60 victims, all young white females, of Muslim paedophile gangs operating in Shropshire, centred around Telford, a mother of one of the girls interviewed in connection with an attack has told the British National Party.

The hidden epidemic in Shropshire has effectively been covered up by the national media, and only occasional reports have made it into the local county press,” said Phil Spencer, south Shropshire organiser.
“The information about the number of victims came from a response to a new leafleting campaign the British National Party has been conducting in Telford warning of the dangers which the local population face,” Mr Spencer said.
The striking leaflets focussed on one attack in particular, where a Muslim gang from Wellington abducted and raped a young woman in September.
According to reports, the attack began after the victim went into the ‘Flames’ kebab shop in Market Square, Wellington.
The shop has ceased trading since the incident, which saw five Muslims arrested, including an illegal immigrant who needed an interpreter during his court appearance.
In addition, the reverse side of the leaflet contained a list of a number of other immigrant-origin attacks in Shropshire.
The leaflet contains local party contact details, and Mr Spencer said he had been approached by a member of the public who had received one of the leaflets.
“She revealed that her daughter was due to be video interviewed regarding one of the cases mentioned,” Mr Spencer said.
The person, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said that she thought it was “fantastic” that the British National Party was “highlighting these issues and making the public aware of what is going on.
“Obviously I am not allowed to say too much about the case, but am aware that there is a large ring of people involved not only from Telford but other areas.
“I was told by the C.I.D that there have been at least 60 victims of this crime just in Shropshire alone,” she said.
Another shocking revelation from this person dealt with the double standards given to Muslim and British offenders.
“I also know that suspects of the Muslim community were bailed until trial. One of the conditions of their bail was that they do not come back to Telford,” she continued.
“However just the other week when the Eid festival was happening, they were allowed to return to Telford for religious reasons. I think that was a disgraceful decision that was made by the courts to allow this.
“Had the suspects been non-Muslim, this decision would never have been allowed,” she correctly pointed out.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Clegg caught paying people to attend his meetings

The Liberal Democrats paid almost £9,000 to hire audience members for Nick Clegg’s town hall meetings, documents published by the Electoral Commission reveal. In contrast with the supposedly organic groundswell of support for the party leader, events consultancy Full House Audience Management were paid £7,600 to find audiences for four meetings between April 10 and May 4 in Gateshead, Glasgow, Redcar, and London.
Embarassingly, Lib Dem spinners were not only paying to fill venues but a £2,000 invoice for one event was halved due to “poor response” from members of the public.
The revelations echo an incident from March in which the Conservatives were exposed for “bussing in” Tory supporters to pose as students for a speech by David Cameron proclaiming his party’s “openness and trust”. Alarm bells were raised when those sitting behind the lectern at multicultural East London University were conspicuously white.
Nick Clegg is looking more phoney with every passing minute

A “British” First: Gunfire Tracking Technology Installed in 90% Nonwhite Colonised Area of Birmingham

The 90 percent nonwhite colonised Lozells area in Birmingham has become the first region in Britain to have advanced gunshot audio tracking technology installed to try and cope with the nightmarish Third World crime wave which has enveloped the area.

Birmingham police Chief Superintendent Chris McKeogh said that his constabulary was “very proud to be the first force in the UK” to used the “shotspotter” technology which had been imported from the United States.

The system works through a series of listening stations which instantly detect gunshots and through a series of cross angulations can determine the location of the weapon discharge to within a few feet.

“The sensors can also monitor sound waves to detect how many firearms have been discharged, which will help our officers to be better prepared when they arrive at the scene,” the police chief added.

The project has cost £150,000 to set up and will cost a further £21,000 per year to maintain.

The Lozells area has been 60 and 80 gun-related incidents every year and is one of the UK’s guncrime hotspots.

According to 2007 figures, which are already nearly four years out of date, there are about 26,000 people resident in the Lozells & East Handsworth ward.

Approximately 57 percent of the population is of Asian origin, made up of 25 percent from Pakistan, 18 percent from India and 12 percent from Bangladesh.

Around 19.5 percent of the population is black, 4 percent are of mixed race, and 9.5 percent are of Chinese origin or belong to some other ethnic group.

The white British population accounts for roughly 10% of residents.

According to official police figures, all sorts of crimes in Lozells are way in excess of those anywhere else in the country.

There were 4,639 incidents of robbery there last year, for example. This equates to a ratio of 4.67 per 1000 population, compared to the national average of 1.85.

Similarly, there were 6.311 incidents of theft of a motor vehicle in Lozells, 10,625 incidents of theft a motor vehicle, 1,460 sexual offences, 25,269 “violence against a person” offences and 8,509 cases of burglary, all reporting a far higher ration per 1000 population than the national average.

Given all these statistics, it is a wonder that anyone of sound mind can claim that Third World immigration has been beneficial to Britain.

It has been an utter disaster. The installation of “shotspotter” technology in Lozells is a portend of a great catastrophe, unless the invasion is halted and reversed.