Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Outbreak of Islamic Hate Against British Soldiers in Birmingham


West Midlands police have confirmed that they are investigating several new incidents of “racial abuse” against Territorial Army soldiers who have been spat upon and abused by Muslims in Birmingham.

According to reports, the Midland Territorial Army soldiers have “been verbally abused and spat at while walking to training sessions near Blues’ St Andrews stadium in Bordesley, Birmingham.”

A report said that one recruit reported that a driver slowed down his car, wound down his window and shouted: “I hope you get blown up by an IED.”

Another says he was “chased by a group of Asian youths who screamed insults and spat at him.”

A West Midlands Police spokesman said that the incidents, the latest in a long since of such abuse, have been recorded as racially motivated section four public order offences.

He said that the attacks are being treated as hate crimes because of the racially motivated element. Apparently one of the perpetrators is close to being arrested after a soldier jotted down the Muslim’s car registration number.

Another report claimed that TA chiefs had ordered soldiers not to wear their uniforms in public. When asked if this was the case, a TA spokesman told a Birmingham newspaper that they were not willing to confirm or deny the report.

Birmingham is the second most populous city in the UK after London. Its population was estimated to be 1,028,000 in 2010, with the steady increase being driven by mass immigration and a higher birth rate amongst Third World immigrants.

According to a 2010 estimate, 20 percent of the city’s population was born outside of the UK, and research by the University of Manchester has predicted that the city will become majority non-white by 2024.

There are currently just over 200 mosques in the city, including purpose built places of worship, converted warehouses, Churches and cinemas as well as former homes, schools and centres.

The city also has a Shariah Council run by the Birmingham Mosque Trust.

Given these demographics, it is thus inevitable that British soldiers, and in fact anything of a vaguely patriotic or pro-traditional British nature, will be alien to vast numbers of inhabitants of the city.

As the demographic crisis and ethnic cleansing of Britain becomes ever clearer, it is increasingly obvious that Britain’s only hope of survival lays in an ethno-nationalist British National Party government, dedicated to keeping Britain British.

Anything less will see the extermination of our people, their culture and their civilisation

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