Thursday, 11 November 2010

Councillor Findley lays Wreath at Bedworth's 89th Armistice Day Parade while I take part

Today was the 89th Armistice Parade in Bedworth. 
Bedworth in Warwickshire retains the tradition of
celebrating Armistice Day at the exact hour, day and month each year. It is now the largest and most famous Armistice Day Parade in Britain. The service is held at the War Memorial in Bedworth's Coventry Road Cemetery in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire representing H.M.The Queen.

This year I took part in the Parade like I have for quite a few years now, Being a Member of the Territorial Army it is a privilege to do parades like this.

Also this year Councillor Martyn Findley BNP laid the Wreath on behalf of Nuneaton & Bedworth BNP, Cllr Findley stands with all the other invited dignitaries and guests and joins the other Political Parties in the Wreath laying ceremony, Cllr Findley then takes his place with the Mayor, MP's and other Councillors in taking the Salute in the March past of past and present members of the armed forces, Councilor Findley and his wife Debbie was extra proud today because Andrew their son was also taking part in the parade as he is a member of the Army Cadets.

Poem: Lest We Ever Forget

Why do you still march old man,with medals on your chest? Why do you still grieve old man,for those friends you laid to rest? Why do your eyes gleam old man,when you hear those bugles blow? Tell me why you cry old man, about those days so long ago.

I'll tell you why I march young man, with medals on my chest I'll tell you why I grieve young man, for those I laid to rest,

Through misty fields of gossamer silk come visions of distant times, When boys of tender age lost lives, and all their mothers pined, We buried them in a blanket shroud, their young flesh scorched and blackened, A communal grave newly gouged in blood stained gorse and bracken, And you ask me why I march young man, I march to remind you all, That but for those apple-blossom youths, you'd never have known freedom at unknown


  1. Great to see our councillors and organisers 'on the front line' where they can be seen, unlike many other people from other political parties.

  2. Good effort, Alwyn and Martyn.

    Lest We Forget.