Saturday, 6 November 2010

Andrew Brons MEP Speaking at Coventry BNP Meeting

Today I had the pleasure of attending a meeting in Coventry, Coventry BNP always have very good meetings and are always well attended. 

Coventry Organiser Tom Gower opened the meeting and outlined the plans for next years local elections where he hopes to field a full slate of candidates. Tom also gave a run down on what the branch is doing locally and it looks like they are going to be very busy.

Mark Badrick aka Badger who is Coventry Fundholder did a brisk trade at his merchandising table, but he also issued a call for help, For those that don't know Badger, Badger prides himself on building a regular Voice of Freedom Paper Round, He has built it up to 350+ VOFs a months which also includes a special Supplement which Badger does every month that covers local issues and forthcoming events, Unfortunately the paper round is growing that fast he now needs help to distribute the VOFs.

Next up was a first for Coventry and the West Midlands region, Andrew Brons MEP.

Andrew spoke about his role has MEP for Yorkshire & Humber, He told a captivated audience about his work in the E.U Parliament, He spoke about how he is only given 1 minute to speak and how much time goes in to preparing a speech that only last a minute, this he said is very important to make sure you get all the important points you need to say in just 1 minute. Andrew also told the audience how he is on 2 committees and how he turns up for all committee meetings and some times he is the only MEP that does. 

After Andrew had finished speaking he took some Questions about his role, Has you can imagine he was inundated with question to which he answered every question to which at the end he received a tremendous applause.

All in All it was an excellent meeting.

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