Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Phil Spencer who is the Telford Organiser (pictured above on left) has took over the reigns at South Shropshire from West Midlands press officer James Whittall, The group has been renamed  Telford & South Shropshire.

James Whittall has been organiser for South Shropshire for quite a few years now, James has been very successful in South Shropshire, James made sure that Shropshire fielded a full slate of Parlimentary Candidates in this years General Election for the first time. James has helped to ensure the British National Party as got a strongfoot hold in Shropshire. 

James will continue  his hard work in the West Midlands as press officer, he is also very busy now travelling all over the country visiting groups as one of the British National Party's top speaker, With very little time left to carry on the continous growth of South Shropshire he has passed the Organisers role over to Phil Spencer.

Phil who is also the West Midlands Training officer is looking forward to the challange and to carry on the good work.

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  1. Well done James for building up South Shropshire - and good luck to Phil Spencer who I'm sure will continue to do a great job.