Saturday, 16 October 2010

Coventry BNP Quiz Night


Quiz Master Mark Badrick AKA Badger

  The Winning Teams.


Just got back from the annual Quiz night in Coventry, anyone that has been to a quiz night in Coventry knows how enjoyable they are.

The Quiz Master for the night was Coventry's Mark Badrick AKA Badger, who came dressed as Buddy Holly complete with the famous glasses.

We all paired off in teams and the fun began, The questions were full of the usual humour,  I have been to quite a few of Coventry's quiz night and Badger always manages to get a Showaddywaddy question in there some where.

After the first round of questions we had the usual 'who's face is behind the burka'

Then came the results, 1st place was shared between 4 people that came from Leicester and Phylis & Anna (Phylis is the partner of Badger and Anna is the partner of Tom the Organiser, it must of been a fix).

After the quiz we continued the night with a good natter and of course a few drinks.

All in All a very good night enjoyed by all.


  1. Same old Leicester over to Coventry and come away with a victory. Bet that hurt Phil

  2. Can't you read Mr Woolly back, it was a draw.

  3. It sounds like it did hurt phil.