Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cllr Andy Terry speaks out for Villagers

On the 23rd  October 2010 BNP Cllr Andy Terry attended a public meeting at Water Orton in North Warwickshire. The village lies in the path of the HS2 rail link and this is the first meeting of an action group in the area. Dan Byles Cons MP was present and it is amazing how public opinion can change a member of parliament. Before the election Mr Byles was pro the HS2 rail link ,he confessed that he is now of the opinion that this proposal is no more than a white elephant. The people of Water Orton are unanimous in their  objection  to the rail link in fact a couple of locals attending commute to London weekly and stated that this would not benefit them at all it just is not worth the cost from a fiscal  point of view and the effect on the environment would be catastrophic.

 It may be worth mentioning Britain is responsible for just 1.7% of the worlds carbon emissions purely because we have the right kind of woodland and countryside so you just can not help thinking it is not going help building on such country side and farm land. 

Cllr Andy Terry who is also the Organiser for Solihull as started leafleting North Warwickshire, Which is made up of Villages like Water Orton.


  1. Andy Terry is a Parish Councillor in Solihull, He is up for re-election in 2011. And he works very hard at Parish Council which is unpaid,