Saturday, 30 October 2010

Christian Christmas Cards Back In Stock

Christian Christmas Cards Back In Stock, Announces New Excalibur Manager 

Religious Christian Christmas cards are becoming increasingly rare in Britain today and that is why Excalibur is proud to announce the arrival a stock of such greeting cards, new Excalibur manager Alwyn Deacon has announced.

Recently appointed Mr Deacon, who is also the party’s West Midlands organiser and despatch manager, said anyone who perused the card offerings which will shortly be flooding retail outlets will have noticed the dearth of Christian-themed cards on the shelves.

“This is all part of a deliberate attempt to downplay Christianity at the expense of all other religions, and Islam in particular,” Mr Deacon said.

“Go into any card shop and you will always be able to find rows and rows of Ramadan cards, Diwali cards, and cards for every religion you can think of, but pitifully few Christian cards.

“Excalibur has sourced a good stock of 12-in-a-pack religious blessings Christmas cards, supplied with envelopes,” Mr Deacon continued.

Alwyn Deacon, Excalibur manager.
“They are UK letter size, 5.39” by 5.39” and have a foiled finish. At twelve in a pack, they work out, postage and packaging included, at 33p per card.”

Strike a blow against political correctness and order your Christian Christmas cards today. A pack of twelve cost £3.99 including postage and packaging.

There are three ways to order:

- By mail. Please make cheques or postal orders out to Exalibur and mail your order to Excalibur, P.O. Box 5057, Nuneaton, CV11 9FP.

- By telephone during weekday business hours 0871 0500 242.

-Online at

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