Saturday, 9 October 2010

Black Country 4th week running

''Team Black Country BNP'' certainly know how to put on a show. Stourbridge is a rather mixed small town, with it's main ''former industry'' in Glass manufacture and decoration. Now however, it is mainly populated by students, and the better off white, middle-class and retired people, many of whom ''escaped'' from the enriched, and crime ridden areas back in the 1980's and 90's. So, for the second time in a year, the team decided to show up there, and were half expecting as previously happened, ''a gaggle of bearded left-wing union and UAF types, popping up and trying to give leaflets out in competition''. Nothing but admiration and fabulous comments from the public could be heard though, as people like Ken, Jill and Arthur, all related what they really thought about the war, and the state of the region and country at large.

John interviewed an elderly couple, named Jill and Arthur, and they said: ''We think it has gone far enough. Our soldiers should be here, looking after our country, not fighting for other countries to gain democracy. This country cannot afford the war, and the poor young men coming home either dead, or worse, injuried horribly, is absolutely disgraceful''. The donations were actually up this time, and one young family man said the party was the only one left with ''guts and determination to say it as it is''. Contrary to the media lie, it seems to be a wider public, and not just elderly who knew nothing of multi-culturalism before the war, or the ''football hooligan'' types, who are openly coming up and supporting the party. Another fellow, Ken, said that he has a brother in Australia, and it is now not uncommon to call Britain, in his words ''the dustbin''.

Ken continued: ''We should bring our lads home as soon as possible, and put them on the borders here. The blasted politicans are the ones who have disregarded our wishes, and then tax us to death for the privelage.'' Ken was brilliantly vocal in his analysis of the last three governments and their leaders, and continued: ''I have voted BNP for the last two elections, and will never trust the other lot again, we should start at the top, and get rid of the whole damned lot of them''. As previously mentioned, a gagle of leftists and union types tried hard last year, to instigate anger with the public, but ended up attracting ordinary members of the public to the cause of British Nationalism. This time, there was not a murmer, and the donations tin seemed to be even fuller as fivers, pound coins, and loose change rolled in regularly throughought the day.

The large, two table stall, is now famous in and around the Black Country, even receiving a comment last week from America, and this time it was situated where friend or foe, the latter no where to be seen, could access it from both sides. Organiser Rob Weale, told former councilor Russ Green that: ''I thought Stourbridge would not produce such support, as students tended to be brainwashed, but every age group was very supportive. I'd like to thank all those who attended the table-top campaign, and everyone who has signed the petition.'' John asked Branch Secretary, Simon Foxhall, what his reaction to all this was. ''I have been very surprised, especially here at the final week in Stourbridge. I've been a member for no where near as long as John and Russ, but I'm really glad I joined, and became active, as it really does the heart and soul good. I'd advise anyone thinking of getting involved, like our latest activist Scott, to do so as often as possible, because we are fighting for everything our forefathers did, only now, it's our very existance at stake.'' Once again, thanks to all who signed this very important, and emotive petition, and well done to all BNP branches and activists for being brave enough to do what our pathetic, and treacherous politicians dare not.

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