Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wolverhampton BNP

The good part of my job as West Midlands Regional Organiser is attending the  Branch Meetings, Tonight I went to Wolverhampton BNP meeting which are always good lively meetings and tonight was no different, I did a quick talk on how the Support our Troops campaign is going in the West Midlands and answered a few questions on various topics.

It was then the turn of the main event and the guest speaker was the Welsh Wizard Roger Phillips, Roger treated us to some of his famous videos that he has made about the islamifacation of Britain, He then told the audience how much Islam is affected this Country. 

The next video he showed us was about Halal Meat, This is not a video for the faint hearted but it does show how great the need is for us to bring this subject to the attention of the public.

Next up was the Raffle, Wolverhampton are well known for their raffle and the amount of prizes that can be won.

Then it was a long drive home but at least I know Wolverhampton BNP are working hard.


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