Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wolverhampton BNP

The good part of my job as West Midlands Regional Organiser is attending the  Branch Meetings, Tonight I went to Wolverhampton BNP meeting which are always good lively meetings and tonight was no different, I did a quick talk on how the Support our Troops campaign is going in the West Midlands and answered a few questions on various topics.

It was then the turn of the main event and the guest speaker was the Welsh Wizard Roger Phillips, Roger treated us to some of his famous videos that he has made about the islamifacation of Britain, He then told the audience how much Islam is affected this Country. 

The next video he showed us was about Halal Meat, This is not a video for the faint hearted but it does show how great the need is for us to bring this subject to the attention of the public.

Next up was the Raffle, Wolverhampton are well known for their raffle and the amount of prizes that can be won.

Then it was a long drive home but at least I know Wolverhampton BNP are working hard.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Nick's tour of West Midlands

On Saturday I met Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP for a Short tour of some of the Bring our Boys Home campaign petition tabletops. I picked Nick up just before 10am and drove to the first stop of the day at Penkridge nr Wolverhampton.

We were met by Sub regional Organiser Simon Patten who told us business was good with lots of folk signing the petitions. We then took a walk around the market stalls to which Nick got a very good reception with lots of handshakes. After 45 Minutes we left for the short journey to Kingswinford in the Black Country.

On arrival at Kingswinford we were greeted by new Organiser Rob Weale and new branch secretary Simon Foxall, Again this stall was very popular and it was on a busy main road with cars sounding their horns in support, the public were queuing up to sign the petitions and to have their photos took with Nick, after an hour of constant photo shoots and hand shaking we left to head for our last stop of the day in Shrewsbury.

On arrival in Shrewsbury's market square the stall was already mobbed with people wanting to sign the petitions, as soon as Nick got out of the car folk were welcoming him to Shrewsbury. The stall was set up next to an Italian market complete with its own singer as entertainment who quickly saw Nick and burst into song singing Jerusalem

Local people both young and old queuing up to speak to Nick and get his autograph and it stayed like this for the 2 hours that we were there.

I finally arrived home at 6.15pm after a 246 mile trip and all of it worth while. 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

I spent the Morning in Nuneaton Town centre watching the Freedom of Nuneaton & Bedworth parade by the Queens Gurkha Signal Regiment, It was an excellent parade with a large public turnout all waving and clapping.

 I have been involoved in many freedom parades in my time as a Territorial Army Musician, So this one today made a nice change with me the other side of the fence watching and listening to the Gurkha Band, I have shared many a parade and military tattoos with the Gurkha band, it is amongst one of the best military bands, (apart from 4th Mercian band to which I am a member) Any way here are the Videos from today so please watch and enjoy.

Freedom parade queens gukha signals Nuneaton

freedom parade queens gurkha signal Nuneaton

freedom parade queens ghurka signals Nuneaton