Thursday, 30 December 2010

A lovely day spent Leafleting in Oldham & Saddleworth

Today I went to help out Derek Adams in the Oldham & Saddleworth parliamentary by election,

Derek is one of the party's hardest working activist and like me he is a ex publican, so it is always a pleasure to see Derek and help him in this by election.

Cllr Andy Terry.

I also had company today with Cllr Andy Terry Solihull Organiser and Paul Hickman the new Birmingham Organiser, And has a special treat for my wife Yvonne with me being a old romantic I took her along,

Yvonne walking back after a long walk down the lane.

We arrived in Lees Oldham this morning and Derek handed us leaflets and a map and off to work we went, We arrived at our area to spectacular views overlooking Oldham, the problem with that meant we were at the top of a very large hill and this was our area for leafleting. I have never seen so many houses with very steep steps to get to a letterbox.

We spent a good day leafleting and with all them hills and steps my legs are certainly aching.

I must thank Andy and Paul for coming and lending a hand, and of course my wife as well.

I would urge everyone to make the trip to Oldham and help out in the campaign.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Claim: 60 Victims of Muslim Paedophile Gangs in Shropshire

There are at least 60 victims, all young white females, of Muslim paedophile gangs operating in Shropshire, centred around Telford, a mother of one of the girls interviewed in connection with an attack has told the British National Party.

The hidden epidemic in Shropshire has effectively been covered up by the national media, and only occasional reports have made it into the local county press,” said Phil Spencer, south Shropshire organiser.
“The information about the number of victims came from a response to a new leafleting campaign the British National Party has been conducting in Telford warning of the dangers which the local population face,” Mr Spencer said.
The striking leaflets focussed on one attack in particular, where a Muslim gang from Wellington abducted and raped a young woman in September.
According to reports, the attack began after the victim went into the ‘Flames’ kebab shop in Market Square, Wellington.
The shop has ceased trading since the incident, which saw five Muslims arrested, including an illegal immigrant who needed an interpreter during his court appearance.
In addition, the reverse side of the leaflet contained a list of a number of other immigrant-origin attacks in Shropshire.
The leaflet contains local party contact details, and Mr Spencer said he had been approached by a member of the public who had received one of the leaflets.
“She revealed that her daughter was due to be video interviewed regarding one of the cases mentioned,” Mr Spencer said.
The person, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said that she thought it was “fantastic” that the British National Party was “highlighting these issues and making the public aware of what is going on.
“Obviously I am not allowed to say too much about the case, but am aware that there is a large ring of people involved not only from Telford but other areas.
“I was told by the C.I.D that there have been at least 60 victims of this crime just in Shropshire alone,” she said.
Another shocking revelation from this person dealt with the double standards given to Muslim and British offenders.
“I also know that suspects of the Muslim community were bailed until trial. One of the conditions of their bail was that they do not come back to Telford,” she continued.
“However just the other week when the Eid festival was happening, they were allowed to return to Telford for religious reasons. I think that was a disgraceful decision that was made by the courts to allow this.
“Had the suspects been non-Muslim, this decision would never have been allowed,” she correctly pointed out.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Clegg caught paying people to attend his meetings

The Liberal Democrats paid almost £9,000 to hire audience members for Nick Clegg’s town hall meetings, documents published by the Electoral Commission reveal. In contrast with the supposedly organic groundswell of support for the party leader, events consultancy Full House Audience Management were paid £7,600 to find audiences for four meetings between April 10 and May 4 in Gateshead, Glasgow, Redcar, and London.
Embarassingly, Lib Dem spinners were not only paying to fill venues but a £2,000 invoice for one event was halved due to “poor response” from members of the public.
The revelations echo an incident from March in which the Conservatives were exposed for “bussing in” Tory supporters to pose as students for a speech by David Cameron proclaiming his party’s “openness and trust”. Alarm bells were raised when those sitting behind the lectern at multicultural East London University were conspicuously white.
Nick Clegg is looking more phoney with every passing minute

A “British” First: Gunfire Tracking Technology Installed in 90% Nonwhite Colonised Area of Birmingham

The 90 percent nonwhite colonised Lozells area in Birmingham has become the first region in Britain to have advanced gunshot audio tracking technology installed to try and cope with the nightmarish Third World crime wave which has enveloped the area.

Birmingham police Chief Superintendent Chris McKeogh said that his constabulary was “very proud to be the first force in the UK” to used the “shotspotter” technology which had been imported from the United States.

The system works through a series of listening stations which instantly detect gunshots and through a series of cross angulations can determine the location of the weapon discharge to within a few feet.

“The sensors can also monitor sound waves to detect how many firearms have been discharged, which will help our officers to be better prepared when they arrive at the scene,” the police chief added.

The project has cost £150,000 to set up and will cost a further £21,000 per year to maintain.

The Lozells area has been 60 and 80 gun-related incidents every year and is one of the UK’s guncrime hotspots.

According to 2007 figures, which are already nearly four years out of date, there are about 26,000 people resident in the Lozells & East Handsworth ward.

Approximately 57 percent of the population is of Asian origin, made up of 25 percent from Pakistan, 18 percent from India and 12 percent from Bangladesh.

Around 19.5 percent of the population is black, 4 percent are of mixed race, and 9.5 percent are of Chinese origin or belong to some other ethnic group.

The white British population accounts for roughly 10% of residents.

According to official police figures, all sorts of crimes in Lozells are way in excess of those anywhere else in the country.

There were 4,639 incidents of robbery there last year, for example. This equates to a ratio of 4.67 per 1000 population, compared to the national average of 1.85.

Similarly, there were 6.311 incidents of theft of a motor vehicle in Lozells, 10,625 incidents of theft a motor vehicle, 1,460 sexual offences, 25,269 “violence against a person” offences and 8,509 cases of burglary, all reporting a far higher ration per 1000 population than the national average.

Given all these statistics, it is a wonder that anyone of sound mind can claim that Third World immigration has been beneficial to Britain.

It has been an utter disaster. The installation of “shotspotter” technology in Lozells is a portend of a great catastrophe, unless the invasion is halted and reversed.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

BNP call for halal meat to be taken off school menus

Councillor Mike Coleman and fellow Councillors in Stoke on Trent made front page Headlines today.

Story below.

FAR-RIGHT politicians in Stoke-on-Trent are campaigning for halal meat to be taken off school menus.

Seventeen of the 93 city schools are offering the ritually-slaughtered meat in their canteens after at least 10 per cent of parents backed the move.

But the British National Party (BNP) is calling on Stoke-on-Trent City Council to ban the halal meat on animal welfare grounds.

BNP group leader Councillor Michael Coleman today denied the campaign is an attack on Muslims.

Instead he urged councillors to stop the "barbaric method of slaughter".

Under halal rules, the animals are not stunned by a bolt or electric shock before they are slaughtered. Mr Coleman, pictured, said: "We were contacted by some mums from Tunstall, who were angry that their children were being served this meat without their knowledge.

"The council tries to make out that it is just an option, but I don't believe that is the case in all these schools.

"I think it is just being served up and pupils are not even aware that they are eating it. It's against the law for me to kill an animal in that way, but it's fine for a Muslim or a Jew to do it. It's an unacceptable state of affairs."

Halal meat has been provided to some city schools since 2000.

It is estimated that halal meat accounts for about four per cent of the meat served in the 17 schools.

Schools serving halal meat are: Alexandra Junior School, Normacot; Alexandra Infant School, Normacot; Belgrave CoE Primary School, Longton; Etruscan Primary School, Etruria; Forest Park Primary School, Hanley; John Baskeyfield Primary School, Burslem; Mill Hill Primary School, Tunstall; St Mark's Primary School, Shelton; St Peter's RC Primary School, Cobridge; Summerbank Primary School, Tunstall; Thomas Boughey Children's Centre, Shelton; Waterside Primary School, Hanley; St Mary's, Tunstall; Birches Head High School; The Co-operative Academy at Brownhills, Tunstall; Haywood Engineering College, Burslem; and St Peter's High School, Penkhull.

All the schools offer an alternative to halal meat, except St Mark's Primary.

Shelton Islamic Centre director Rana Tufail, said: "I am not aware of any problems caused by serving halal meat in schools in the last 10 years."

Community Voice Councillor Peter Kent-Baguley accused the BNP of "making mischief" against Muslims.

He said: "The BNP are fiddling while our services burn, and are patently seeking to make trouble."

Parents today hit out at the BNP motion which goes before the council on December 9.

Sarah Richardson, whose nine-year-old son, Jordan, attends St Mark's Primary, said: "I don't see what the fuss is about. Jordan loves the food at school."

Jordan, of Whitmore Street, Hanley, said: "I really like the halal burgers, but my favourite school dinner is curry."

Monday, 29 November 2010


I have been passed this link from our Organiser in Worcester, He seen it pop up during Children in need,

I think we should start a white boys can, anyone got any Ideas.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Mercian troops at Wolves v Bolton Premiership match

If you look closely you can see me on this Video, well they show you my boots and then my shoulder.

It is a privilege to do this for Help for Heroes, we do this has a regiment yearly. it is one of the better jobs the T.A do.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

West Midlands BNP Councillor in Stoke-on-Trent Moves to Get Halal Meat Banned in Local Schools

British National Party Stoke-on-Trent councillor Michael Coleman has fired the opening round in the war against halal ritual slaughter in Britain with a motion due before his council on 9 December which, if passed, will ban that meat from being served in schools in the town.

“I have had numerous complaints from parents whose children are being fed this unfit meat and who are not being informed of how this meat is acquired,” Cllr Coleman told BNP News.

“Many of the schools which receive the meat are predominantly populated by British children, and so any claim that the authority is simply providing food for Muslim pupils is false.

“Anyway, it’s against the law to procure meat in this way and then sell on to non-Muslims, a point I will be making on the 9th December,” Cllr Coleman continued.

“I find it disgraceful that we have a law here that makes it a crime for you or I to slaughter an animal in this way but enables Muslims to kill in this inhumane way and it is legal.

“It is such legal paradox and duality that will ultimately expose this traitor regime - and will lead to the political awakening and uprising of the British people,” he said.

The exact wording of the motion due before the council is as follows:

British National Party Stoke-on-Trent councillor Michael Coleman has fired the opening round in the war against halal ritual slaughter in Britain with a motion due before his council on 9 December which, if passed, will ban that meat from being served in schools in the town.

“I have had numerous complaints from parents whose children are being fed this unfit meat and who are not being informed of how this meat is acquired,” Cllr Coleman told BNP News.

“Many of the schools which receive the meat are predominantly populated by British children, and so any claim that the authority is simply providing food for Muslim pupils is false.

“Anyway, it’s against the law to procure meat in this way and then sell on to non-Muslims, a point I will be making on the 9th December,” Cllr Coleman continued.

“I find it disgraceful that we have a law here that makes it a crime for you or I to slaughter an animal in this way but enables Muslims to kill in this inhumane way and it is legal.

“It is such legal paradox and duality that will ultimately expose this traitor regime - and will lead to the political awakening and uprising of the British people,” he said.

The exact wording of the motion due before the council is as follows:

Notice of Motion – City Council 9th December 2010



Moved by Councillor M Coleman


Seconded by Councillor J Burgess



Animal Cruelty



This City Council condemns the cruelty suffered by animals slaughtered to provide halal meat products.  Animal welfare organisations such as the Farm Animal Welfare Council, which is the independent advisory body to the government, have called for a ban on halal meat in Britain.  Animals that are not stunned before slaughter suffer incredible pain before death and the current law that permits this barbaric method of slaughter should be changed.


The City Council is asked to note that halal meat products are served in 17 city schools to unsuspecting children and parents.  Halal meat products are not labelled and children (or their parents) have no idea what they are eating or provided with an alternative.  This is a disgraceful practice and children and their parents should be given information and choice about the products their children are served. 


The City Council is asked to:


1.            Write to the Secretary State for seeking a change in the law to minimise or prevent any further animal cruelty as a result of this barbaric method of slaughter.

2.            Place an immediate ban on the use of all halal meat products in our schools, City Of Stoke-on-Trent Authority.

Here is the list of schools serving Halal meat

Dear Councillor Coleman


Your request for information on Halal meat


We have now considered your request for information and a copy of the information is below.


17 of the 93 schools which have their meals supplied by City Catering currently have Halal Meat products on the menu.


These include:


  1. Alexandra Junior School
  2. Alexandra Infant School
  3. Belgrave Primary School
  4. Etruscan Primary School
  5. Forest Park Primary School
  6. John Baskeyfield Primary School
  7. Mill Hill Primary School
  8. St Marks Primary School
  9. St Peters RC Primary School
  10. Summerbank Primary School
  11. Thomas Boughey Centre
  12. Waterside Primary School
  13. St Mary’s Tunstall
  14. Birches Head High School
  15. Brownhills High School
  16. Haywood High School
  17. St Peters High School


If you have any queries about this email, please do not hesitate to contact me.


If you are unhappy with the service you have received in relation to your request and wish to make a complaint or request a review of our decision, you should write to: Louise Kelly, Information Manager, Chief Executive’s Directorate, Civic Centre Floor 4, Glebe Street, ST4 1HH or email


If, after contacting us, you are not content with the outcome, you may ask the Information Commissioner for a decision. Generally, the Information Commissioner cannot make a decision unless you have already used our appeal procedure. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: The Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.


Yours sincerely,

Hannah Quinn


Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Outbreak of Islamic Hate Against British Soldiers in Birmingham


West Midlands police have confirmed that they are investigating several new incidents of “racial abuse” against Territorial Army soldiers who have been spat upon and abused by Muslims in Birmingham.

According to reports, the Midland Territorial Army soldiers have “been verbally abused and spat at while walking to training sessions near Blues’ St Andrews stadium in Bordesley, Birmingham.”

A report said that one recruit reported that a driver slowed down his car, wound down his window and shouted: “I hope you get blown up by an IED.”

Another says he was “chased by a group of Asian youths who screamed insults and spat at him.”

A West Midlands Police spokesman said that the incidents, the latest in a long since of such abuse, have been recorded as racially motivated section four public order offences.

He said that the attacks are being treated as hate crimes because of the racially motivated element. Apparently one of the perpetrators is close to being arrested after a soldier jotted down the Muslim’s car registration number.

Another report claimed that TA chiefs had ordered soldiers not to wear their uniforms in public. When asked if this was the case, a TA spokesman told a Birmingham newspaper that they were not willing to confirm or deny the report.

Birmingham is the second most populous city in the UK after London. Its population was estimated to be 1,028,000 in 2010, with the steady increase being driven by mass immigration and a higher birth rate amongst Third World immigrants.

According to a 2010 estimate, 20 percent of the city’s population was born outside of the UK, and research by the University of Manchester has predicted that the city will become majority non-white by 2024.

There are currently just over 200 mosques in the city, including purpose built places of worship, converted warehouses, Churches and cinemas as well as former homes, schools and centres.

The city also has a Shariah Council run by the Birmingham Mosque Trust.

Given these demographics, it is thus inevitable that British soldiers, and in fact anything of a vaguely patriotic or pro-traditional British nature, will be alien to vast numbers of inhabitants of the city.

As the demographic crisis and ethnic cleansing of Britain becomes ever clearer, it is increasingly obvious that Britain’s only hope of survival lays in an ethno-nationalist British National Party government, dedicated to keeping Britain British.

Anything less will see the extermination of our people, their culture and their civilisation

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New “British Heroes” Mug Range at Excalibur

New “British Heroes” Mug Range at Excalibur

Muslim schoolboys excluded for making death threats to troop-supporting classmate

Six students have been excluded for making death threats to a classmate on Facebook – because he posted comments supporting BRITISH troops.

Five Muslim boys, all aged 12, threatened to attack terrified Darius Gill, 13, with knuckle dusters and knives. One white girl, also 12, has been excluded.

The chilling threats came hours after Darius – whose father is Asian – posted a touching tribute to the thousands of squaddies who have lost their lives defending Britain.

But a gang of pupils at Sidney Stringer Academy in Coventry – a predominantly Muslim area – expressed outrage at Darius’ patriotism.

One message – littered with spelling mistakes – said: ”Fight on Monday gonna be heavy knuckle dusters nd knifes hopefully I don’t die.”

His pal added: ”ill bang him ma slef am a terrorist.”

One of the thugs also posted a chilling picture of himself holding a rifle.

Shockingly, other pupils – who have set up a Muslim Defence League which celebrates British deaths in Afghanistan – also added comments condemning Darius.

Fortunately Darius’ mother Clare Allington read the comments on Monday morning – the day of the promised attack – and immediately pulled her son out of school.

Today Clare, 42, from Coventry, said: ”I logged on and it broke my heart. I was reading all sorts about knuckle dusters, knives and death.

”They were planning to attack him at school that day so I rang the school straight away.

”I usually keep an eye on what Darius posts on Facebook.

”I have his password and usually check it every day but didn’t last weekend until I was at the Warwick University campus on Monday.

”If I hadn’t read the threats and pulled my son out of school he could be dead.

”They might just be school children but they are fanatical and dangerous. The threats have to be taken seriously.

”My son wrote supporting the British troops in Afghanistan and also said he was sad so many soldiers had died.

”The so-called Muslim Defence League which has been set up in the school by a number of pupils believe that Darius should join them in hating British soldiers.

”It’s appalling and extremely upsetting for Darius.”

Shockingly, one of the yobs today bragged about being quizzed by police and still threatened to attack Darius.


Principal Wendy Thomas said: ”Two boys are going to be excluded until we are able to meet with the parents and resolve the issue.

”We will also be in contact with each and every pupil who also posted offensive comments to say they will not be allowed to return to school until they remove the comments from Facebook.

”What the children have done is out of order and unacceptable and we have taken the matter very seriously.”

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Councillor Findley lays Wreath at Bedworth's 89th Armistice Day Parade while I take part

Today was the 89th Armistice Parade in Bedworth. 
Bedworth in Warwickshire retains the tradition of
celebrating Armistice Day at the exact hour, day and month each year. It is now the largest and most famous Armistice Day Parade in Britain. The service is held at the War Memorial in Bedworth's Coventry Road Cemetery in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire representing H.M.The Queen.

This year I took part in the Parade like I have for quite a few years now, Being a Member of the Territorial Army it is a privilege to do parades like this.

Also this year Councillor Martyn Findley BNP laid the Wreath on behalf of Nuneaton & Bedworth BNP, Cllr Findley stands with all the other invited dignitaries and guests and joins the other Political Parties in the Wreath laying ceremony, Cllr Findley then takes his place with the Mayor, MP's and other Councillors in taking the Salute in the March past of past and present members of the armed forces, Councilor Findley and his wife Debbie was extra proud today because Andrew their son was also taking part in the parade as he is a member of the Army Cadets.

Poem: Lest We Ever Forget

Why do you still march old man,with medals on your chest? Why do you still grieve old man,for those friends you laid to rest? Why do your eyes gleam old man,when you hear those bugles blow? Tell me why you cry old man, about those days so long ago.

I'll tell you why I march young man, with medals on my chest I'll tell you why I grieve young man, for those I laid to rest,

Through misty fields of gossamer silk come visions of distant times, When boys of tender age lost lives, and all their mothers pined, We buried them in a blanket shroud, their young flesh scorched and blackened, A communal grave newly gouged in blood stained gorse and bracken, And you ask me why I march young man, I march to remind you all, That but for those apple-blossom youths, you'd never have known freedom at unknown

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

North Shropshire Recruitment Drive Continues

A North Shropshire British National Party recruitment drive has got off to a flying start, with enquiries already coming in and two thousand leaflets distributed so far in Market Drayton, reports local organiser Phil Reddall.
"Local activists kept busy with a number of gruelling leafleting sessions last week, and that hard work is beginning to bear fruit," said Mr. Reddall.

"What was interesting were the comments we heard from members of the public - a significant number were pleased that at least one political party was active all year round, and when we engaged them in conversation our policies proved popular, especially our determined message to 'Bring Our Boys Home' from the Middle East conflict.

"Another interesting point is that a number of local Conservative voters were frustrated that their party did not have a clear agenda," Mr. Reddall continued.

Grass roots recruiting will continue in North Shropshire during November and December, and local people are urged to ignore the media lies and make an enquiry to their local British National Party group.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Andrew Brons MEP Speaking at Coventry BNP Meeting

Today I had the pleasure of attending a meeting in Coventry, Coventry BNP always have very good meetings and are always well attended. 

Coventry Organiser Tom Gower opened the meeting and outlined the plans for next years local elections where he hopes to field a full slate of candidates. Tom also gave a run down on what the branch is doing locally and it looks like they are going to be very busy.

Mark Badrick aka Badger who is Coventry Fundholder did a brisk trade at his merchandising table, but he also issued a call for help, For those that don't know Badger, Badger prides himself on building a regular Voice of Freedom Paper Round, He has built it up to 350+ VOFs a months which also includes a special Supplement which Badger does every month that covers local issues and forthcoming events, Unfortunately the paper round is growing that fast he now needs help to distribute the VOFs.

Next up was a first for Coventry and the West Midlands region, Andrew Brons MEP.

Andrew spoke about his role has MEP for Yorkshire & Humber, He told a captivated audience about his work in the E.U Parliament, He spoke about how he is only given 1 minute to speak and how much time goes in to preparing a speech that only last a minute, this he said is very important to make sure you get all the important points you need to say in just 1 minute. Andrew also told the audience how he is on 2 committees and how he turns up for all committee meetings and some times he is the only MEP that does. 

After Andrew had finished speaking he took some Questions about his role, Has you can imagine he was inundated with question to which he answered every question to which at the end he received a tremendous applause.

All in All it was an excellent meeting.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

New Appointment for West Midlands BNP

Alwyn Deacon the West Midlands Regional Organiser, is pleased to announce Councillor Martyn Findley has been appointed to the post of West Midlands regional Fundholder.
Councillor Martyn Findley, who is a self employed Driving Instructor, told us he is looking forward to getting started in his new role.

Alwyn Deacon said, "Councillor Findley was the obvious choice for this role. Martyn is a long standing Nationalist and served as Fundholder to the old Coventry and Warwickshire branch for over two years so that side is not new to him. He has been self employed for quite a few years now and Martyn has plenty of experience in preparing Accounts which will prove to be a great asset to both the West Midlands region and to the British National Party."

Councillor Martyn Findley was elected in May 2008 onto Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council where he represents Barpool ward, He is a regular attendee at all of his scheduled meetings and others besides. Martyn takes full advantage of the training opportunities that the council provides.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Christian Christmas Cards Back In Stock

Christian Christmas Cards Back In Stock, Announces New Excalibur Manager 

Religious Christian Christmas cards are becoming increasingly rare in Britain today and that is why Excalibur is proud to announce the arrival a stock of such greeting cards, new Excalibur manager Alwyn Deacon has announced.

Recently appointed Mr Deacon, who is also the party’s West Midlands organiser and despatch manager, said anyone who perused the card offerings which will shortly be flooding retail outlets will have noticed the dearth of Christian-themed cards on the shelves.

“This is all part of a deliberate attempt to downplay Christianity at the expense of all other religions, and Islam in particular,” Mr Deacon said.

“Go into any card shop and you will always be able to find rows and rows of Ramadan cards, Diwali cards, and cards for every religion you can think of, but pitifully few Christian cards.

“Excalibur has sourced a good stock of 12-in-a-pack religious blessings Christmas cards, supplied with envelopes,” Mr Deacon continued.

Alwyn Deacon, Excalibur manager.
“They are UK letter size, 5.39” by 5.39” and have a foiled finish. At twelve in a pack, they work out, postage and packaging included, at 33p per card.”

Strike a blow against political correctness and order your Christian Christmas cards today. A pack of twelve cost £3.99 including postage and packaging.

There are three ways to order:

- By mail. Please make cheques or postal orders out to Exalibur and mail your order to Excalibur, P.O. Box 5057, Nuneaton, CV11 9FP.

- By telephone during weekday business hours 0871 0500 242.

-Online at

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Good News for the BNP in West Midlands

Extra MEP for the West Midlands in 2014

27TH OCTOBER 2010: IN response to a request from the Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, Mark Harper MP, the Electoral Commission has recommended that the additional Member of the European Parliament (MEP) seat allocated to the UK under the Treaty of Lisbon should be in the West Midlands.

The Electoral Commission were asked asked to submit our recommendation to the Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform by 22 October 2010.

In making their recommendation for the distribution of any total number of MEPs the Commission had to ensure that:

• each electoral region is allocated at least three MEPs

• the ratio of registered electors to MEPs is as nearly as possible the same in each electoral region

The Commission applied the Sainte-LaguĂ« method to allocate the UK’s seventy third MEP seat. This follows previous consultation exercises which have confirmed, including from expert sources, that this enables us to adhere to the statutory criterion to ensure that the ratio of registered electors to MEPs is as nearly as possible the same in each electoral region.

As such the Electoral Commission have recommend that the West Midlands electoral region be allocated the additional seat that was awarded to the UK under the Treaty of Lisbon.

So this will be the number of seats to be contested in each region in June 2014.

East Midlands 5

Eastern 7

London 8

North East 3

North West 8

South East 10

South West 6

West Midlands 7

Yorkshire & the Humber 6

Wales 4

Scotland 6

Northern Ireland 3

Total 73

Nick Griffin said the news would be welcomed by his colleague Simon Darby (above).

"Simon narrowly missed out being elected to the European Parliament in 2004 and again was in the running for the sixth and final seat in 2009. This additional seat must help Simon or whoever tops the British National Party list in 2014 to get elected to the European Parliament."

No recommendation was sought on the distribution of the new total of 73 MEPs between electoral regions.

Mohammed, The Most Popular Boys Name in the West Midlands

Mohammed is most popular boys' name in England

Mohammed was the most popular name for newborn baby boys in England and Wales in 2009, according to official data released Wednesday.

But 12 different spellings of the name, each listed separately, meant that Oliver officially topped poll.

The name, given to 7,364 children, ended Jack's 14-year reign at number one, with Harry, Alfie and Joshua rounding out the top five in the figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

The two most common spellings of the Muslim name came in at 16th and 36th place, a total of 7,549 baby boys, making it the most popular name overall.

The most common spelling, Mohammed, was the number one name in its own right in the West Midlands region of central England which includes the city of Birmingham, and number four in London.

Olivia, meanwhile, remained the most common girls' name with 5,201 children of that name, followed by Ruby, Chloe, Emily and Sophie.

The highest climber in the girls' top 100 was Maisie, up 29 places to number 34.

Austin showed the largest rise of any name in the top 100 for boys, surging from number 160 in 2008 to 100th place in 2009.

England and Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney's son Kai was one of 1,012 born last year, making it the 68th most popular boys' baby name.

Alfie was the highest climbing new entry to the boys' top 10, up 60 to number four over the past ten years.

More generally, the last 10 years showed a resurgence of popularity among names popular around the start of the 20th century.

In another development, there were 16 newborn Kings in 2009, three KingDavids, 68 Princes, eight Dukes, 11 Earls, four Barons and four Lords born.

Amongst the girls, there were 12 Queenies, seven Queens, 109 Princesses and five Ladys.

Florence, the name of Prime Minister David Cameron's new baby, was at number 80 last year.

There were 706,248 live births in England and Wales in 2009.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cllr Andy Terry speaks out for Villagers

On the 23rd  October 2010 BNP Cllr Andy Terry attended a public meeting at Water Orton in North Warwickshire. The village lies in the path of the HS2 rail link and this is the first meeting of an action group in the area. Dan Byles Cons MP was present and it is amazing how public opinion can change a member of parliament. Before the election Mr Byles was pro the HS2 rail link ,he confessed that he is now of the opinion that this proposal is no more than a white elephant. The people of Water Orton are unanimous in their  objection  to the rail link in fact a couple of locals attending commute to London weekly and stated that this would not benefit them at all it just is not worth the cost from a fiscal  point of view and the effect on the environment would be catastrophic.

 It may be worth mentioning Britain is responsible for just 1.7% of the worlds carbon emissions purely because we have the right kind of woodland and countryside so you just can not help thinking it is not going help building on such country side and farm land. 

Cllr Andy Terry who is also the Organiser for Solihull as started leafleting North Warwickshire, Which is made up of Villages like Water Orton.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

I thought I would Share this.

Subject: FW: Actual Letter to Passport Office -Brilliant

This letter is a thing of great beauty (even if the language is a bit strong)...You definitely feel the guy's pain!

Dear Sirs,

I'm in the process of renewing my passport, and still cannot believe this. How is it that Sky Television has my address and telephone number and knows that I bought a bleeding satellite dish from them back in 1977, and yet, the Government is still asking me where I was bloody born and on what date.

For Christ sakes, do you guys do this by hand? My birth date you have on my pension book, and it is on all the income tax forms I've filed for the past 30 years. It is on my National Health card, my driving license, my car insurance, on the last eight damn passports I've had, on all those stupid customs declaration forms I've had to fill out before being allowed off the plane over the last 30 years, and all those insufferable census forms.

Would somebody please take note, once and for all, that my mother's name is Mary Anne, my father's name is Robert and I'd be abso-fucking-lutely astounded if that ever changed between now and when I die!!!!!!

I apologise, I'm really pissed off this morning. Between you an' me, I've had enough of this bullshit! You send

the application to my house, then you ask me for my fucking address !!!!

What is going on? Do you have a gang of Neanderthal arseholes workin' there? Look at my damn picture. Do I look like Bin Laden? I don't want to dig up Yasser Arafat, for shit sakes. I just want to go and park my arse on some sandy beach somewhere. And would someone please tell me, why would you give a shit whether I plan on visiting a farm in the next 15 days? If I ever got the urge to do something weird to a chicken or a goat, believe you me, you'd be the last fucking people I'd

want to tell!

Well, I have to go now, 'cause I have to go to the other end of the poxy city to get another fucking copy of my birth certificate, to the tune of £30. Would it be so complicated to have all the services in the same spot to assist in the issuance of a new passport the same day?? Nooooooooooooo, that'd be too damn easy and maybe makes sense. You'd rather have us running all over the fuckin' place like chickens with our heads cut off, then have to find some arsehole to confirm that it's

really me on the damn picture - you know, the one where we're not allowed to smile?! (bureaucratic fuckin' morons) Hey, do you know why we couldn't smile if we wanted to? Because we're totally pissed off!


An Irate Citizen.

P.S. Remember what I said above about the picture and getting someone to confirm that it's me? Well, my family has been in this country since 1776 ........ I have served in the military for something over 30 years and have had full security clearances over 25 of those years enabling me to undertake highly secretive missions all over the world. ........ However, I have to get someone 'important' to verify who I am - you know, someone like my doctor WHO WAS BORN AND RAISED IN


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Solihull BNP Meeting.

Top picture Cllr Andy Terry

Below Wales Regional Organiser Brian Mahoney

                                                                  Below Jennie Noble 

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending Solihull's branch meeting, Cllr Andy Terry opened the meeting and explained how Solihull BNP are fighting plans for the High Speed Rail link that is proposed and will wipe out villages like Water Orton, I have printed leaflets about this issue and now Solihull BNP will start the task of delivering these all over North Warwickshire informing them about government plans to replace their villages and some beautiful countryside with the High Speed Rail Link.

Next to speak was Jennie Noble, For those who don't know, Jennie was one of the founder members that got Solihull BNP up and running, Jennie spoke about the history of Solihull and how important it is that the BNP carry on working hard in Solihull.

We than had a special treat of another speaker, Wales Regional Organiser Brian Mahoney, Brian is the partner of Jennie, hence the reason that she left Solihull for Wales, Brian gave a rousing speech about how important it is for the British National Party to fight and reclaim our country.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Shropshire & Stoke BNP Combined Day of Action in Wellington, Telford

Even though the Bring Our Troops home campaign has officially ended, our hard working Shropshire activists were out once again. This time Stoke and Shropshire BNP activists joined together on Saturday 16th October . While the Shropshire team manned the table-top in Market Street, Wellington, Councillor Mike Coleman headed the team from Stoke to distribute literature to local households in the area. This was the first ever stall in Wellington and the response from the public was very warm and welcoming.

Telford and South Shropshire organiser Phil Spencer said he was delighted by the warm and friendly response from the towns folk of Wellington. He added that at one point a large crowd formed around the table asking questions and voicing their concerns regarding the war in Afghanistan. With the help of our friends from Stoke Saturdays event was the most successful day throughout the campaign with a substantial number of signatures collected for the petition.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Coventry BNP Quiz Night


Quiz Master Mark Badrick AKA Badger

  The Winning Teams.


Just got back from the annual Quiz night in Coventry, anyone that has been to a quiz night in Coventry knows how enjoyable they are.

The Quiz Master for the night was Coventry's Mark Badrick AKA Badger, who came dressed as Buddy Holly complete with the famous glasses.

We all paired off in teams and the fun began, The questions were full of the usual humour,  I have been to quite a few of Coventry's quiz night and Badger always manages to get a Showaddywaddy question in there some where.

After the first round of questions we had the usual 'who's face is behind the burka'

Then came the results, 1st place was shared between 4 people that came from Leicester and Phylis & Anna (Phylis is the partner of Badger and Anna is the partner of Tom the Organiser, it must of been a fix).

After the quiz we continued the night with a good natter and of course a few drinks.

All in All a very good night enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cllr Martyn Findley Threatens Citizens Advice Bureau with Demonstration after Politically-Motivated Victimisation

A British National Party Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Councillor, Martyn Findley, is considering holding a demonstration outside the local Citizens Advice Bureau after that taxpayer-funded body engaged in blatant politically-motivated discrimination against him.

Cllr Martyn Findley said he would hold the demonstration if the district manager of the Bedworth, Rugby and Nuneaton Citizens Advice Bureau (branCAB) refused to let him offer his services as a volunteer at the bureau.

“The reason the director, David Gooding, gave was simply that I was a BNP councillor,” Cllr Findley said.

“This was outrageous as I have a long history of community involvement. I enjoyed my time as a school governor, for example, as much as I did my voluntary activities on occasion with the church.

“As an activist with the local residents association, I assisted in organising a family festival and was prepared to spend evenings burning the midnight oil filling in applications for funding,” he said.

The drama started when earlier this year, Cllr Findley responded to an advertisement in the local newspaper placed by branCAB which asked for volunteers.

“Encouraged by the knowledge that the CAB has previously never discriminated against anyone, I called and spoke to a lady about volunteering,” he continued.

“After I shared with her my volunteering experience she assured me that with my availability and experience, I sounded ideal and would be contacted as soon as possible. This happened and I passed the telephone stage successfully.

“I waited and when my written invitation to the induction day came through the post I was delighted,” Cllr Findley said.

Instead of welcoming his services, the letter from Mr Gooding informed Cllr Findley that the branCAB would not accept his offer because of his membership of the BNP.

Bizarrely, the letter went on to confirm that branCAB staff, trustees and volunteers may be active members of political parties, providing that they keep their political work completely separate from their CAB work.

“I cannot for the life of me see any conflict between being an elected member, under any party banner, and volunteering with the CAB, and there is certainly no prospect for political work,” Cllr Findley said.

However, the next paragraph contained the clause to which he took exception: ‘Active membership includes promoting being publicly associated with, or expressing the views of organisations such as the BNP,’ the letter said.

“Is there a list of organisations which the CAB discriminates against? Who wrote it and which organisations are on it? Exactly which law do they think gives branCAB the authority to discriminate against a member of a lawfully constituted political party?” Cllr Findley said.

“It is even more shocking when compared back to an earlier section of the same letter where the branCAB specifically forbids discriminatory policies or practices.

“As I am prepared to state publicly that my heart is open to all and that as an extension to my duties as a democratically elected councillor I am prepared to work for nothing for the benefit of the whole community, I believe that I am suitable to volunteer with the CAB.

“If there are any volunteers, staff members or funders out there who wish to discriminate against me on the grounds of political belief I think it is they, not I, who should have their motives questioned,” Cllr Findley said.

“I feel that I must fight this discrimination and I am calling upon members and supporters of the British National Party for their assistance. I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes and politely outline your objection to this discrimination to Mr Gooding as I feel that public pressure is the best way of getting this disgraceful decision overturned.”

Mr Gooding’s email address is david.gooding @ Why don’t readers send him a polite email asking why he does not want Cllr Findley’s kind offer of help.

“The branCAB is funded by the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council and Rugby Borough Council,” Cllr Findley continued.

“At the next full council meetings of the two councils I shall ask publicly, locally as an elected member and in Rugby as a member of the public, for the leaders of the councils to assist me with my struggle against discrimination in an organisation over which they share a great deal of influence.

“This will place on public record their position for/against institutional discrimination. As far as I am aware at the moment this is the limit of my redress to this voluntary organisation.

“If our appeals fall on deaf ears I consider that I shall have no alternative other than to organise a demonstration against discrimination on the footpath outside of the main CAB offices in Bedworth. I should imagine that having the British National Party holding a demonstration against discrimination outside the offices of the CAB would be the last thing that they would want, but the choice is theirs,” Cllr Findley concluded.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Birmingham Council Decision on Asylum Seekers Confirms BNP Was Right

The decision by Birmingham City Council to stop giving council houses to “asylum seekers” is an indication of precisely how anti-British its previous social housing policy was and has confirmed that the British National Party’s accusations that British people have been put last, as completely accurate.

Furthermore, the fact that it is only one out of thousands of local authorities which actively pursued this policy, proves that all local authorities are effectively promoting policies which put British people last.

According to reports, Birmingham, which is Britain's biggest council, has taken the decision “in the interests of local people.”

A Tory councillor, John Lines, was quoted as saying that the local authority had not renewed its contract with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in terms of which council housing was reserved for” asylum seekers.”

Apparently some 190 houses are currently occupied by “asylum seekers who have been sent to the city while their applications are being processed.

Now however, the ConDem alliance which runs Birmingham Council have decided that the houses should rather be given to locals following the news that there are currently 30,000 people on the housing waiting list and homelessness in the city has increased by 140 per cent since January.

The contract, which also includes Wolverhampton, Dudley and Coventry councils, comes to an end in June next year.

However, it is too early for indigenous Britons to presume that the ConDem coalition have really had a change in heart and are now suddenly committed to promoting the interests of British people.

A far more likely reason for the Council’s about-turn is the fact that so-called “ethnic minorities” are forming an increasingly larger number of voters in Birmingham.

According to a survey published in January this year, at least three parliamentary constituencies in Birmingham, have a majority of ethnic “minority” voters. For example, the Birmingham Ladywood constituency has a 64.9 percent ethnic “minority” voter base, while Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath has a 64.8 percent ethnic “minority” voter base.

The results of a 2008 study called Mapping of Race and Poverty in Birmingham, written by Alessio Cangiano of the ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS at the University of Oxford) showed that most wards in the south central part of the city and some western wards were “seriously deprived.

“ In some neighbourhoods, Sparkbrook, Aston and Handsworth, most ethnic groups experience a higher disadvantage in comparison to members of the same communities residing in other wards,” the report continued, adding that there “is a strong correlation between poverty and concentration of ethnic minorities.”

In other words, those most likely to qualify for council housing in Birmingham are from the ethnic “minorities” (soon to be ethnic majorities) and this demographic change against the indigenous British population is the most likely real reason for the ConDem change of heart.

It seems that British people are to be put last no matter what by the ConDem and Labour authorities, no matter where they are.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Black Country 4th week running

''Team Black Country BNP'' certainly know how to put on a show. Stourbridge is a rather mixed small town, with it's main ''former industry'' in Glass manufacture and decoration. Now however, it is mainly populated by students, and the better off white, middle-class and retired people, many of whom ''escaped'' from the enriched, and crime ridden areas back in the 1980's and 90's. So, for the second time in a year, the team decided to show up there, and were half expecting as previously happened, ''a gaggle of bearded left-wing union and UAF types, popping up and trying to give leaflets out in competition''. Nothing but admiration and fabulous comments from the public could be heard though, as people like Ken, Jill and Arthur, all related what they really thought about the war, and the state of the region and country at large.

John interviewed an elderly couple, named Jill and Arthur, and they said: ''We think it has gone far enough. Our soldiers should be here, looking after our country, not fighting for other countries to gain democracy. This country cannot afford the war, and the poor young men coming home either dead, or worse, injuried horribly, is absolutely disgraceful''. The donations were actually up this time, and one young family man said the party was the only one left with ''guts and determination to say it as it is''. Contrary to the media lie, it seems to be a wider public, and not just elderly who knew nothing of multi-culturalism before the war, or the ''football hooligan'' types, who are openly coming up and supporting the party. Another fellow, Ken, said that he has a brother in Australia, and it is now not uncommon to call Britain, in his words ''the dustbin''.

Ken continued: ''We should bring our lads home as soon as possible, and put them on the borders here. The blasted politicans are the ones who have disregarded our wishes, and then tax us to death for the privelage.'' Ken was brilliantly vocal in his analysis of the last three governments and their leaders, and continued: ''I have voted BNP for the last two elections, and will never trust the other lot again, we should start at the top, and get rid of the whole damned lot of them''. As previously mentioned, a gagle of leftists and union types tried hard last year, to instigate anger with the public, but ended up attracting ordinary members of the public to the cause of British Nationalism. This time, there was not a murmer, and the donations tin seemed to be even fuller as fivers, pound coins, and loose change rolled in regularly throughought the day.

The large, two table stall, is now famous in and around the Black Country, even receiving a comment last week from America, and this time it was situated where friend or foe, the latter no where to be seen, could access it from both sides. Organiser Rob Weale, told former councilor Russ Green that: ''I thought Stourbridge would not produce such support, as students tended to be brainwashed, but every age group was very supportive. I'd like to thank all those who attended the table-top campaign, and everyone who has signed the petition.'' John asked Branch Secretary, Simon Foxhall, what his reaction to all this was. ''I have been very surprised, especially here at the final week in Stourbridge. I've been a member for no where near as long as John and Russ, but I'm really glad I joined, and became active, as it really does the heart and soul good. I'd advise anyone thinking of getting involved, like our latest activist Scott, to do so as often as possible, because we are fighting for everything our forefathers did, only now, it's our very existance at stake.'' Once again, thanks to all who signed this very important, and emotive petition, and well done to all BNP branches and activists for being brave enough to do what our pathetic, and treacherous politicians dare not.

Shropshire out on the Campaign

The Shropshire British National Party's "Bring Our boys Home" continues unabated with local activists visiting a number of small towns and villages all in the space of one day.

On Saturday 9th October, newly appointed Telford & South Shropshire Organiser Phil Spencer and his team began their day of action in the market town of Craven Arms. Phil reported "We received an exceptionally warm welcome from local people. As well as leafleting the town centre and nearby residential area, our team attracted a lot of interest in the stall which resulted in a fair number signatures being collected for our petition".
Phil continued " After a successful start in Craven Arms, it was off to the picturesque town of Church Stretton - via several villages where the team stopped to leaflet. When arriving at Church Stretton we were met with the same great response that we had received earlier that morning."

After a busy and productive day of campaigning in South Shropshire, Phil and his team discussed plans for next weekend's activities. All agreed that the "Bring Our Boys Home" campaign is proving to be most successful and positive campaign the party has ever run.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Phil Spencer who is the Telford Organiser (pictured above on left) has took over the reigns at South Shropshire from West Midlands press officer James Whittall, The group has been renamed  Telford & South Shropshire.

James Whittall has been organiser for South Shropshire for quite a few years now, James has been very successful in South Shropshire, James made sure that Shropshire fielded a full slate of Parlimentary Candidates in this years General Election for the first time. James has helped to ensure the British National Party as got a strongfoot hold in Shropshire. 

James will continue  his hard work in the West Midlands as press officer, he is also very busy now travelling all over the country visiting groups as one of the British National Party's top speaker, With very little time left to carry on the continous growth of South Shropshire he has passed the Organisers role over to Phil Spencer.

Phil who is also the West Midlands Training officer is looking forward to the challange and to carry on the good work.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Shrewsbury BNP Meeting


Shrewsbury BNP's latest meeting on Monday 4th October, saw the party's newest Councillor, Phil Reddall address an enthusiastic gathering of members drawn from right across the county of Shropshire. As well as speaking about his new a role, Councillor Reddall did the honour of presenting awards to two North Shropshire members - the dynamic mother and daughter duo, Margret Clarke and Jayne Hill.  (Pictured above) 

To rapturous applause, long serving member Margret received her award for her outstanding loyal commitment to the party, whilst Jayne received her award for North Shropshire activist of the year.

Councillor Reddall then introduced rising BNP star James Whittall who enthralled the audience with a blistering speech that weaved together an inspirational chapter from Britain's medieval past with the political struggle that today's patriots are presently engaged in. Mr Whittall really struck a chord with the audience when he criticized the ConDem government's appeasement of Islam, it's insane commitment to the futile war in Afghanistan and wasteful foreign aid.

Also present were Telford organiser Phil Spencer and Shrewsbury organiser Karl Foulkes who later discussed with members, forthcoming activism - including the ongoing the "Bring our boys home" campaign being rolled out across the county. The rest of the night was taken up with socialising with a drink and friendly chat - as well tucking in to a delicious buffet prepared by the local BNP ladies.

Everyone agreed it was an extremely positive and productive evening

One of my favorite clips of this great British Comedian R.I.P

Friday, 1 October 2010

Here is some Humour for you all

This is a very funny clip, and scare you into joining Islam.

Cannock BNP Meeting

Above Terry Cannock Organiser
Below John Ryde

I attended another BNP meeting last night, This time it was a trip up the A5 for me to Cannock.

The main speaker was East Midlands press officer and Parish Councillor Mr John Ryde.

John is a very passionate speaker and he spoke about various subjects such as the state of the economy and the financial pressures we are all under, John also went on to explain about Common purpose and what Common purpose's aims are and how it will affect us.

After his speech John did a Q&A session on these subject and there were plenty of questions for him.

Next up was Terry the Cannock Organiser, Terry spoke about the need for activism and the important role it plays in the BNP, he also highlighted the success of the Bring our Boys (Girls) Home campaign and outlined the plans for this weekend's activity's.

It looks like this weekend is going to be very busy for Cannock BNP, and the pictures from this weekend will be on this blog early next week.

STATUS QUO - In The Army Now Live

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wolverhampton BNP

The good part of my job as West Midlands Regional Organiser is attending the  Branch Meetings, Tonight I went to Wolverhampton BNP meeting which are always good lively meetings and tonight was no different, I did a quick talk on how the Support our Troops campaign is going in the West Midlands and answered a few questions on various topics.

It was then the turn of the main event and the guest speaker was the Welsh Wizard Roger Phillips, Roger treated us to some of his famous videos that he has made about the islamifacation of Britain, He then told the audience how much Islam is affected this Country. 

The next video he showed us was about Halal Meat, This is not a video for the faint hearted but it does show how great the need is for us to bring this subject to the attention of the public.

Next up was the Raffle, Wolverhampton are well known for their raffle and the amount of prizes that can be won.

Then it was a long drive home but at least I know Wolverhampton BNP are working hard.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Nick's tour of West Midlands

On Saturday I met Party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP for a Short tour of some of the Bring our Boys Home campaign petition tabletops. I picked Nick up just before 10am and drove to the first stop of the day at Penkridge nr Wolverhampton.

We were met by Sub regional Organiser Simon Patten who told us business was good with lots of folk signing the petitions. We then took a walk around the market stalls to which Nick got a very good reception with lots of handshakes. After 45 Minutes we left for the short journey to Kingswinford in the Black Country.

On arrival at Kingswinford we were greeted by new Organiser Rob Weale and new branch secretary Simon Foxall, Again this stall was very popular and it was on a busy main road with cars sounding their horns in support, the public were queuing up to sign the petitions and to have their photos took with Nick, after an hour of constant photo shoots and hand shaking we left to head for our last stop of the day in Shrewsbury.

On arrival in Shrewsbury's market square the stall was already mobbed with people wanting to sign the petitions, as soon as Nick got out of the car folk were welcoming him to Shrewsbury. The stall was set up next to an Italian market complete with its own singer as entertainment who quickly saw Nick and burst into song singing Jerusalem

Local people both young and old queuing up to speak to Nick and get his autograph and it stayed like this for the 2 hours that we were there.

I finally arrived home at 6.15pm after a 246 mile trip and all of it worth while.